How about a 60GB cellular plan that stays at €7.99/month?

If you want to switch your mobile plan, we recommend that you look around at Auchan Télécom, which offers a rather interesting offer: 60 GB for only 7.99 euros per month and the price does not change even after a year.

For some time, Auchan Telecom has been one of the players most inclined to reduce the prices of many of its offers and this is still the case today for the existence of a very interesting 4G plan without obligation: 60 GB for less than 8 euros per month and the price does not change even after a year’s subscription.

What do Auchan Telecom packages offer?

  • The (very) low price and who stays!
  • Unlimited calls/SMS/MMS
  • 60 GB in France and 8 GB for Europe and the overseas departments

This remarkable package at Auchan Telecom with 60 GB for 7.99 euros per month is at a constant price even after a year. It is also a non-binding offer and available until May 3, 2022.

A perfect package for everyday life without restrictions

First of all, you should know that the Auchan Telecom limited edition packages offer unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from mainland France, Europe and overseas departments to a French number.

However, the biggest argument of this pack remains the Go price ratio, which is currently among the most competitive on the market. It offers no less than 60 GB for only 7.99 euros / month. This is a perfect plan for people who use their mobile phone regularly and want to save money at the same time. There is little risk of it being restricted in its digital uses, be it in terms of video streaming, online gaming or even cloud gaming. You can even think of such a plan to use it in a 4G box and make it easier for everyone around you to enjoy it.

The price for this package is EUR 7.99 per month and is non-binding! This gives you the opportunity to switch to a new operator or another offer at any time.

A data envelope also abroad

In addition to the data allowance valid in France, Auchan Telecom has also provided an envelope for Europe and the overseas departments. 8GB of 4G data is included in this package, enough to keep you quiet even when you’re abroad.

Similar packages of the moment

How do I keep my number?

To get the new triple-cut SIM, you must first add 10 euros to the total amount of your order. Changing operators is also seamless if you keep your phone number. It’s free and all you have to do is provide the RIO code for your port when registering!

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