Followed by Gilbert Rozon: Julie Snyder’s turn to counterattack

After Pénélope McQuade, it’s Julie Snyder’s turn to defend herself in Gilbert Rozon’s $450,000 defamation lawsuit, accusing him of attempting to publicly humiliate and gag her.

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“Adding an insult to injury, [Rozon] is rich in sophisms which are widely condemned today, particularly in wishing that the denunciation must be false if it was not prompt,” laments Snyder filed his written defense in court at the Montreal Courthouse this week.

Just like host Penelope McQuade a few days earlier, Mme Snyder strongly denies defaming the fallen comedy mogul during a The 4 Julies Week show in 2019.

Then, during an unscripted interview with her guest Pénélope McQuade, she claimed that Rozon sexually abused her in a Paris apartment in the ’90s while she slept in her pajamas, Rozon climbed into her bed naked with the aim of raping her .

“He had a crazy, unrecognizable look,” the court filing said.

Mme Snyder would have fled on foot to the Champs-Élysées and then to a friend’s apartment.

“She would never tell the plaintiff about this traumatic attack, although she would recommend that he ‘seek treatment’ a few years later,” the court document said.

The lawyers of Mme Snyder then recalled that in 2019 it was reasonable to conclude that Rozon already had a reputation as a “sexual predator.”

The lawyers, one by one, recall every event that has tarnished his image since the first public denunciations against him, from a class action lawsuit to a criminal charge in which he was later acquitted on reasonable grounds of doubt, and deny that Snyder is said to have tarnished Rozon’s already shattered reputation.

These lawyers also accuse the founder of Just for Laughs of using Mme Snyder requesting a retraction where both Mme McQuade as Mme Snyder is expected to say publicly, “Gilbert Rozon has never sexually assaulted us or engaged in any inappropriate conduct or behavior.”

“Not only is he trying to gag her, but he’s also trying to seize her freedom of speech to force her to give her testimony publicly,” lament the lawyers, who recall that Ms Snyder had previously spoken out publicly in the case without the threat of a lawsuit.

The production company La Lune Inc., which Rozon is also suing, also rejects any fault and denounces that, according to Rozon, they should have censored the two animators.

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