certain people more exposed to death? This report leaves no room for doubt

The latest report from the English FA Asthma + Lung UK shows which population group is most likely to die from asthma. As reported by the website Futura Science Saturday 30 April 2022 results are final.

Men and women are not equal when it comes to asthma. At least that’s what the latest report from the English Association shows Asthma + Lung UKforwarded from the site Futura Science Saturday April 30, 2022. According to the published results, it seems so Women between the ages of 29 and 40 are 2.5 times more likely to be hospitalizedafter an asthma attack than men.

Asthma symptoms related to the menstrual cycle in women?

There seemed to be a pattern in my symptoms related to my menstrual cycle. Almost every month before my period I suffered from asthma. My symptoms made it difficult to breathe, which was frightening, and I often ended up in the hospital. The asthma attacks I suffered were so severe that by the time I was 22, I was on ventilators four times, wondering if I would make it to my next birthday‘ hinted in particular at a 30-year-old English woman quoted in this famous report.

By understanding the role of sex hormones in asthma, we could transform the lives of three million women with the disease in the UK and tens of millions more women around the world. We urgently need to invest more in research in this area so we can find new treatments and make better use of existing treatments to help millions of women and save lives.‘ said the president of the association Asthma + Lung UK, Sarah Woolnough.

The Birth Control Pill to Limit Asthma Attacks in Women?

Currently, some experts on this disease believe that female sex hormones are involved in asthma attacks in women. According to a previous study published in 2022 Journal of Asthma and Allergy, Hormone treatments would affect the symptoms of asthma. For example, the birth control pill appears to limit the occurrence of new attacks in women with asthma. Conversely, they tend to favor the replacement hormones prescribed after menopause.. However, a causal relationship has not yet been clearly established.

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