5 shooting secrets on 5 guys for me

We recently had the chance to chat with Mélanie, the newest bachelorette 5 guys for me. She told us about her intense relationship with Danny after the show (read everything here) as well as behind the scenes of the TVA production.

So, we reveal 5 things you (may not) know about reality TV filming:

  1. While we don’t always film chronologically on TV, even on reality TV, everything happens here as presented to us on screen. The adventure lasts 4 days for the participants and all events are presented in the order in which they experienced them. ” It’s crazy because from 12-13 hours of shooting we only keep 22 minutes ‘ says Melanie.
  2. The women receive applications before the show and choose the ones they like the most. For example, we submitted nine applicants to Mélanie, who chose five to participate in her week.
  3. There are certain men in “Back-up” in case one of them is definitely not available at the time of shooting or he has found love in the meantime. This is what happened to one of Mélanie’s chosen ones who had to be replaced by another man at the last minute.
  4. Filming the first season of the Quebec version of 5 guys for me took place last fall. Mélanie’s shows of the week were filmed seven months ago.
  5. Mélanie tells us two filming secrets:

On the last day she spends some time with her last two suitors and they discuss important things in her spa. ” The water was so cold! We had forgotten to leave him or whatever… I was really looking forward to it being over in that moment and it was like a pivotal moment. »

A small error also occurred during the first elimination. ” There’s a moment where I grab my face and look completely discouraged that I have to announce the identity of the person leaving, but really I’m just trying to suppress a fucking giggle. Because during my texting, I looked at Fred and said, “Tonight, Martin has to leave the house,” but I’m looking at Fred. So we had to go back to that segment, but it was impossible, we laughed too much. »

Note that next week at 5 guys for me, we meet Mylène, a 30-year-old entrepreneur from Granby. See below.

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