Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King wants to be Dark Souls but misses out

Based in Lyon, Redlock Studio offers the intriguing Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King, a Dark Souls-inspired video game. Without championship or the same success.

What to play after you complete Exhilarating and Hearty elden ring ? Many people are sure to ask this question. with the trilogy Dark Souls, FromSoftware has inspired several studios looking to make their mark in the popular genre of challenging RPGs. First launched in Early Access on PC in 2019, Shattered – The Tale of the Forgotten King is now available on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. And if you read its description, you’ll quickly understand where Redlock Studio comes from.

In order to, Shattered – The Tale of the Forgotten King is a ” Action RPG with complex storytelling and epic combat in a semi-open world “. In short, when we have spent hours and hours in it elden ringwe have sharpened enough reflexes to pull ourselves back into ” epic battles “. Nevertheless, it is necessary that the experience be of quality, which is far from the case Shattered – The Tale of the Forgotten King. The title has too many flaws to seduce the public and motivate them to discover its ultra-cryptic universe.

In the game we will be accompanied by this funny guy. // Source: Screenshot PS5

Cryptic, you die

At least Shattered – The Tale of the Forgotten King fully assumes complex storytelling “. After spending about ten hours surveying his sets with an atypical artistic orientation (pure forms as much as possible), we’re still struggling to understand what it’s about. All he knows is that after the disappearance of a king that has caused the fragmentation of an entire world, must eliminate important enemies. From this thin base, Redlock Studio nourishes its story with sentences, sometimes very opaque, if not poetic, uttered by a gallery of strange characters. In general, is in Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King is all a bit strange and the developers forgot to provide enough explanation to immerse us in the narration.

A clumsy labyrinthine construction

The structure of Shattered – The Tale of the Forgotten King It’s also not clear enough to provide guidance on how to proceed. The different environments are connected without real coherence around a slightly larger hub that’s easy to get lost in. Luckily, exploration is somewhat rewarding, otherwise we’d be a lot more excited navigating this ocean of the unknown. Especially since there is something to eat and drink in relation to the environments: some are successful, others much less so, despite a very present sense of gigantism.

Note that unlike Dark Souls Shattered – The Tale of the Forgotten King plays the card of verticality a little more. Our hero quickly turns out to be very agile as soon as you master his stamina meter well. For example, he can double jump and rush forward to climb up. Of course, the level architecture is designed to take advantage of this ability. There are even 2.5D parts reminiscent of platform games of yesteryear. Despite this, Redlock Studio sometimes proudly errs with an awkwardly labyrinthine setup.

An example of parts in 2.5D.  // Source: Screenshot PS5
An example of parts in 2.5D. // Source: Screenshot PS5

Major Completion Issues

I wanted to believe as much as possible Shattered – The Tale of the Forgotten King, ignoring the barriers to entry they put up to give him the best possible chance. Except that even the most daring will eventually get tired of the many finishing problems. Personally, I’ve encountered an annoying bug that prevents me from continuing after defeating a boss and triggering a cutscene that leads to a frozen screen (see screenshot below). I’ve tried twice, each time with the same result.

To this major annoyance that doesn’t want to make you add a very crippling technical debt, especially for a title that wants to fit in the category Dark Souls. Character stuck in an element, floors with holes, ugly visual bugs, enemies with very relative intelligence, very different soundtrack (sometimes the music stops for no reason), jerky loading times… For a game available on PS5, Shattered – The Tale of the Forgotten King does not exude modernity and undoubtedly suffers from a budget too small to realize very high ambitions.

This is where I'm stuck... // Source: Capture PS5
This is where I’m stuck… // Source: Capture PS5

To make matters worse, the gameplay proves very approximate in everything it tries to undertake. The platform part? Shattered – The Tale of the Forgotten King Lack of precision and visibility. The action part? The fights are too soft to be captivating and upon arrival prove less epic than promised. Between the hard-to-place saves and the evasive maneuvers that don’t always produce the desired result, the clashes quickly become painful. Not to mention that it doesn’t have the depth of a true RPG when it comes to hero customization. The arsenal consists only of more or less fast and powerful swords, and it’s not the few spells and the very easy progression that will save the day.

After all, everything points to that Shattered – The Tale of the Forgotten King could have been an interesting alternative Dark Souls, with a universe and ideas of its own. Unfortunately, he stumbled over the carpet, a bunch of clumsiness betraying a lack of rigor. And God knows it is necessary to birth an experience that articulates around the notion of requirement.

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