Saber attack on Old Quebec | Carl Girouard Victim of delirium, according to a psychiatrist

(Quebec) Carl Girouard failed to tell right from wrong when he killed innocent bystanders with a saber because he was the victim of schizophrenic delirium, psychiatrist Gilles Chamberland said in court on Friday.

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Gabriel Beland

Gabriel Beland
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“If that isn’t delirium, I don’t know what is!” He ran after unarmed people with a saber, believing himself to be brave. And he was convinced that people would recognize his courage,” said this psychiatrist from the Philippe Pinel Institute.

The Dright Chamberland spoke to the Old Quebec saber killer at the request of his attorney. He also reviewed reports from other experts made during Girouard’s childhood.

His conclusion? The killer is neither narcissistic nor sadistic, but rather on the autism spectrum, a schizophrenic victim of grandiose delirium fueled by video games that took up more and more space in his mind until the action.

“For him you have to be in a world without technology, without cars, everyone for himself, as if we were survivors,” the psychiatrist remarked.

“You might think he’s making this up… But that’s okay, delirium. It’s sickness, it’s delirium. Otherwise it is difficult to explain that a person says such things. »

The defense expert began his testimony by asking about an assessment by Dright Hubert Van Gijseghem did when Carl Girouard’s parents separated. He had to assess her parenting skills, but the psychologist was particularly impressed by the 12-year-old’s personality.

“From the age of 12 the psychologist realizes that he is rigid in his ideas, very formal. He lacks social sensitivity and his touch is a bit robotic,” said Dr.right chamber country.

The psychologist finds in the young Girouard “a very important intrapsychic problem”, an aggressive and impulsive potential, pathological ideas. “It’s a pathology,” adds the Dright chamber country.

Then, from the age of 16, the idea of ​​​​killing people with a saber appeared in Girouard’s mind. According to Gilles Chamberland, this is the onset of delirium. “He had such a character. It’s not two Carls yet. The illness has not yet structured everything. The further forward it goes, the more it becomes him. »

The pandemic has changed everything

The “two Carls” manage to live together for a while. He has various jobs, remains functional despite delirium. “For years, the sane side has been able to ignore delirium. »

However, the young man is isolated. He has no friends. He never had sex. He buys 20 sabers over time and spends $2500 on masks of all kinds.

But in March 2020, thanks to the pandemic, Girouard quit his job, filed for unemployment insurance, and took refuge in Swords video games.

“There it turns. From the moment he stops working, he gets unemployment benefits, stays at home and only plays video games. »

He becomes more and more convinced that he must kill innocent people on Halloween night in Old Quebec. When he learns that it will be a full moon night, he decides to act. “When he’s delirious, he can’t see it,” the psychiatrist launched.

Girouard remains calm during his morbid escape and is equally calm during his arrest. During his interrogation, he remains silent for five hours. According to Dr.right chamber country.

“He is someone who is incapable of having emotions. he has feelings We can find him cold, but he’s like that,” he said, recalling that he thinks he’s on the autism spectrum.

The Dright Chamberland testified for the defense, who argued that the killer was not responsible for his actions because he suffered from mental disorders. The Crown will hear him at the Quebec City Courthouse on Monday and also intends to provide a psychiatrist’s expertise.

Carl Girouard is charged with two first-degree murders and five attempted murders.

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