Patrice Bélanger announces that he is leaving this professional project

Patrice Bélanger had a particularly difficult announcement to make about one of his professional projects.

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Indeed, after José Gaudet, who had previously announced that he was giving up his seat as co-host Ends the week wellnow it was Patrice Bélanger’s turn to reveal that he is leaving a professional project.

This morning, Thursday, on the Rythme FM microphone, Patrice Bélanger announced that he will not be back next year and will therefore resign his post next month, at the end of the season. He will have spent three years at Rythme and a total of 13 years at Cogeco.

Feverishly but calmly, the presenter explains that it was a well-considered decision he made to take a step back and at the same time put himself in danger and take a leap into the void, marginally stressing that it is a Gift he’s giving himself as he’s about to turn 44and Birthday on May 3rd.

Very touchingly, he mentioned that the reaction of his two boys, who were very happy to find their father, really convinced him of his decision.

As he announced his departure to listeners, he wanted to take the time to thank them for their years of loyalty, in addition to his team and everyone he has worked with in the business for more than a decade.

See his emotional message here:

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Even though we won’t be hearing him on the radio anymore, Quebec audiences will still be able to see Patrice Bélanger at the helm of sweet saltywho returns for a 21and Year. We may also get back in touch with the actor when he will be part of the cast of the new series. hotelwhich will soon be broadcast on TVA.

The release of the announcement of his departure, shared on Rythme FM’s Facebook page, prompted a strong reaction from subscribers, many of whom said they were both sad to see him go but also happy for him at the rest of the things.

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