LIVE | 66th day of fighting in Ukraine

Russian forces step up their pressure near Kharkiv. Heavy explosions were heard in the city on Friday night.

Russia calls on NATO and the United States to stop arms sales to Ukraine.

Here are all the news of this 66th day of fighting in Ukraine.

12:34 | Odessa airport hit by Russian attacks, runway completely destroyed according to governor

“Today the enemy hit a Bastion coastal defense missile system from the Crimea. The runway at Odessa airport was destroyed. Thank God there were no casualties,” said Governor Maxim Marchenko.

11:38 am | 14 Ukrainians, including a pregnant woman, were released on a new exchange with Russia

Fourteen Ukrainians, including a pregnant woman, were released in a new prisoner swap with Russia, Kyiv said on Saturday, without naming the usual number of Russians handed over to Moscow.

11:36 am | Russian forces switch from steamroller to nibble

In eastern Ukraine, the outnumbered and better-armed Russians have shifted from a steamroller strategy to a strategy of patient nibbling, which the Kiev forces are finding little to counter at this stage.



8:27 am | France will help Ukraine more

France will “increase” the dispatch of military equipment to Ukraine, as well as its humanitarian aid to that country, the Elysee announced on Saturday after a meeting between re-elected President Emmanuel Macron and his counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

7:52 am | Victim ‘tortured for a long time’ near Boutcha

The bodies of three men who were visibly tortured and fatally shot were found with their hands tied and their eyes blindfolded in a grave near Boutcha on Saturday, Kiev police said on Sunday.



7:15 a.m. | Ukrainian refugees visiting a Russian

Squeezed between a run-down supermarket and a casino in northern Prague, a former Vietnamese store set to be demolished has become a home of hope for Ukrainian refugees. And this on the initiative of a photographer of Russian origin.



7:10 a.m. | Summary of the situation in Ukraine

Guillaume Lavoie, Associate Member of the Raoul Dandurand Chair, analyzes recent developments in the war in Ukraine.

0h29 | Lavrov calls on NATO to stop arming Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called on NATO and the United States to halt arms sales to Kyiv if they were “really interested in solving the Ukraine crisis.”



In an interview published by the official New China Agency on Saturday, Lavrov also said that Russia’s offensive in Ukraine is “going according to plan”.

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