How long to rebuild?

Forget the comparisons to the terrible 1939-1940 season. The Canadians have just come off the worst season in their long history. There is no contradiction at all. The facts are overwhelming. It is without vocation.

The Canadiens become the first team to finish bottom in a 32-team National League. Behind the Seattle Kraken Freshman Team and the dying Arizona Coyotes.

The Habs are also the fourth team in NHL history to miss the playoffs after appearing in the Stanley Cup Finals the previous year.

Also never before this season had the Habs allowed their opponents 300 goals.

Club doomed in the beginning

Yes, there were imponderables.

Players missed more than 700 games due to injuries, COVID or privacy-related situations. This would be an all-time high in the NHL, although there is no official record for this.

But that doesn’t explain everything.

Before the season, there was no reason for optimism.

Shea Weber is retired. Not officially, but still. It is certain that he will not play again.

His physical condition no longer allows him to play hockey at a high level. He is at the end of his strength.

There was no one there to fill their skates.

Carey Price could be getting there shortly. This would make great leggings to wear.

Unrecovered Losses

Let’s go on.

Phillip Danault and Corey Perry were not adequately replaced.

The Carolina Hurricanes played a nasty trick on Marc Bergevin by making Jesperi Kotkaniemi an inflated contract offer.

With those dates, could the Canadian get a playoff pass?


Will it be next year?


To get there, he would have to reach about 50 more points.

Because you will have noticed that the eight teams from the East who will be in the next spring tournament have all passed the 100-point mark and that none of them seems destined to drop out of the table next season being relegated to the top eight of the standings. . .

The Canadian finished the season in eighth place with 45 points.

A jump of 25 points next year would already be considered a good improvement. Will the Habs qualify for the playoffs in two years?

Do not think so.

In three years ?

We will see.

To get up better

Don’t be intimidated by words.

This organization is under construction. Not because she was looking for it, but because of the circumstances, shall we say.

This is another first in its history.

For great evils, therefore, great means.

Either the CH remained standing, as it had for almost 30 years, or they tore down the entire building in order to rebuild in a contemporary way.

The hard work begins for Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes. It’s up to them to make the Canadian a respectable and hopefully one day dominant team first.

25 million that weigh heavily

The exercise can be long.

What will Gorton and Hughes be able to do with the big contracts Marc Bergevin left them?

Salaries of Carey Price ($10.5 million), Shea Weber ($7,857,143 million), Brendan Gallagher ($6.5 million) and Jeff Petry ($6.25 million) account for more than 25 percent of payroll.

Adding the salaries of Jonathan Drouin ($5.5 million) and Paul Byron ($3.4 million) brings the percentage up to 33 percent.

However, we agree that these six players are not part of the Canadian’s future.

It would need a bedard

The Habs desperately need a generation player. The next in line, Connor Bedard, will be available in next year’s draft.

He’s the kind of player who makes the players around him better.

The Canadian has not had a first choice of this caliber since a certain Guy Lafleur.

Storm in a glass of water

Do you want to know if the Canadian’s management had to force Shea Weber’s hand in order for him to attend the tributes that will be paid to Guy Lafleur in the coming days?

I am asking the question because people regretted Weber’s absence from the pre-game ceremonies held in Lafleur’s honor during last Sunday’s game between the Habs and the Bruins at the Bell Centre.

To these people it was unworthy of a captain.

Everyone has their own perspective, but in my opinion, Weber is no longer captain of the Canadiens. Unless he is blessed with a miraculous healing, he is retired.

Unofficially, you could say, but his last game was in the National League.

Toews and Pronger

General rule: A long-term injured player avoids following his team. It’s like he felt useless.

Last year, Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews missed the entire season with a mysterious illness. He remained incognito throughout the year.

It was only at the end of June last year that he announced that he had been infected with a virus that had made him lethargic.

In 2013, when he was in the fourth season of a seven-year contract, Philadelphia Flyers captain Chris Pronger gave up his skates because he was not recovering from an eye injury.

Claude Giroux succeeded him as captain the following season. That may be where the Canadians fell short in Weber’s case. Then again, who could have worn the C this season?

Let’s think of Guy

Weber made mistakes. Like when he refused to speak to Montreal journalists during the Canadian’s visit to Vancouver.

But don’t make up stories if there aren’t any. And most importantly, why would you want to break Weber Zucker on the back while we weep for Guy Lafleur?

Let’s be respectful to Guy.

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