Guy Lafleur’s funeral: Ginette Reno wants to sing for her hero and friend one last time

Even if her attendance is not yet confirmed (talks with the family are going well, it is confirmed), the singer Ginette Reno proposes to sing at the funeral of Guy Lafleur, which will take place on Tuesday 3rd An opportunity for her, her Pleasing accomplices one last time.

“You don’t want me to talk about it…” she said with a smile.

The artist, who celebrated his 76th birthday on Thursdayand Birthday wants to sing one last time for the one she thought was his favorite singer.

“Whenever we saw each other, we always had fun together,” Ginette Reno said of her recently deceased boyfriend, Guy Lafleur. She explained that she was devastated by the death of the famous ice hockey player, whom she considered a friend.

“Every time I hear about someone dying, like Renée Martel, Michel Louvain and now Guy Lafleur, it gets to me because I tell myself it’s like I’m the last one standing.” , said the singer protocola few hours before the presentation of the Legion of Honor of the French Republic.

She herself has been plagued by health problems in recent months. But she assures us that she is doing better.

“Last year I was afraid of death,” added the man, who has had three hospitalizations in recent years. We think of death. You no longer sing, it’s over, you no longer walk the 132 and you no longer wash … I prefer to believe that there is an absolute and infinite energy that we call God. I hope I go to heaven. »

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A new album in the fall

Far from being charmed by the fact of aging (“I don’t want to grow old,” kicked off the anniversary), the singer explains that she finds solace in the wisdom that comes with aging and in the faithfulness of feelings of the audience .

“What makes me most proud is my love for the public, it has never failed me,” she confided. I look at my journey, I come from far away. I have never been so in harmony and so balanced. I would like to grow old, but I don’t want to be dependent on anyone. I’m pretty independent. »

At only 76 years old, Ginette Reno still has a lot of projects and dreams to achieve. Her big comeback on the record will be in autumn with a new album that she wants to christen Between heaven and earth. Four years after the publication ofForever, Platinum-certified album, this new opus will consist of a spiritual aspect and another, more concrete, earth-connected aspect. The piece entitled The voice of man is the voice of God is according to the main prospect in the order of magnitude of the big songs. The album will also feature two duets, including one with internationally renowned German singer Vladimir Korneev.

“It’s good to sing, it saved my life,” added the singer, who hopes her biography project will finally see the light of day soon. Sometimes I wanna rock the little girl in me that didn’t believe in her. I’m calmer now and taking care of this little girl who thought she was worthless for a long time. »

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