Executive Committee: Lavoie’s arrival could cost opposition a position

The forthcoming appointment of defector Claude Lavoie to Quebec City’s executive committee could cost an opposition council a seat. That possibility greatly angered Quebec First boss Claude Villeneuve on Friday.

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The board currently consists of 11 members (nine ordinary and two assessors) including the mayor. Article 25.2 of the City Charter provides that “the total number of Associate City Councilors and members of the Executive Committee shall not exceed 11”.

According to Mayor Marchand’s interpretation, Saint-Rodrigue municipal councilor Claude Lavoie, who switched from Quebec first to Quebec strong and proud (QFF) this week, could still join the executive.

“Our understanding is that we are capable of having the number of associate (members) that we currently have,” the mayor stated.

The Québec City Secretariat is currently analyzing the applicable rules.

Associate member sacrificed?

Bruno Marchand confirmed that Mr. Lavoie would be a member of the executive in all cases, and even if that means that one of the two associate members currently sitting there, either Véronique Dallaire (Quebec First) or Jean-François Gosselin (Quebec 21) Will get removed. .

“The decision really wasn’t made, but if we had to downsize it would obviously be one staff (member) we would downsize. We’re not there and we hope that’s not the case,” added the mayor, hinting that a decision could be made in the local council the day after tomorrow.

Not a single hair!

That possibility literally made Claude Villeneuve wince. “Before I touch a single hair on Véronique Dallaire’s head to make room for a gentleman (Claude Lavoie) on the Executive Committee, I would very patiently ask myself the political advisability of doing so,” he warned.

The latter recalled that “Véronique Dallaire is the bearer of the universal accessibility file. This topic is close to his heart because of his personal situation. »

According to Mr. Villeneuve’s interpretation, the mayor has no choice but to remove a current member of the executive branch if he is desperate to include Claude Lavoie.

Jean-François Gosselin, an advisor to Quebec 21 and an associate member of the executive committee, declined to respond on Friday.

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