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This swallowing disorder is a newly discovered symptom of the Covid omicron variant that causes a sore throat. Which reasons? What is the difference to dysphagia? What treatment for relief? Definition and Answers with Dr. Thierry Rousselet, ENT and Cervico-Odonto-Facial Surgery.

acute odynophagia, this pain felt when swallowingis one of Symptoms of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 according to a study conducted in Stockholm (Sweden). in February 2022. This disorder, which is already known to doctors, exists Sore throat. What are the symptoms ? What caused ? What differences to the dysphagia ? As alleviate odynophagia? What treatments ? Definition and Answers by Dr. Thierry Rousselet, ENT.

Definition: what is odynophagia?

Odynophagia refers to a Blockage in the passage of food through the upper digestive tract. It particularly affects the pharynx, which connects the mouth to the esophagus when food is swallowed (Swallow) and the esophagus, through which food enters the stomach. “This is a symptom that is often found in ENT, it is difficulty swallowing” says Dr. Thierry Rousselet, ENT. “Patients tell me they smell like it lump in throat“he specifies.

What are the symptoms of odynophagia?

Odynophagia is characterized by Difficulty swallowing, i.e. swallowing food or your own saliva. It also causes a sore throat and possibly fever. “It causes inflammation of the posterior columns of the tonsil compartments (redness) and gives the appearance of having angina” explains our expert.

What are the causes of odynophagia?

Odynophagia can be a symptom of various diseases, including Pharyngitis or posterior rhinitis“ shows Dr. Rousselet on. Odynophagia could also be due to the contraction of the Covid19. Odynophagia comes from Sinuses that are blockedexplains Dr. Rousselet.

Acute odynophagia added to list of most common symptoms of Covid and Omicron variants in Sweden.

Is odynophagia a symptom of the coronavirus?

Acute odynophagia would be a new symptom of Covid-19 according to Swedish study released February 15, 2022.”Earlier variants of SARS-CoV-2 infection primarily affected the lower respiratory tract and were associated with loss of smell and taste in many patients. The Omicron variant appears to primarily affect the upper respiratory tract and cause acute laryngitis without olfactory dysfunction. In some patients, the clinical manifestation is similar to the symptomsepiglottitis (a rapidly progressive infection of the epiglottis and surrounding tissues),” say the Swedish scientists. The researchers observed, “Cases of patients diagnosed with coronavirus who were referred to the ENT emergency department between January 1 and January 23, 2022 clinical symptoms such as acute odynophagia, severe sore throat and feverIn fact, acute odynophagia has been added to the list of the most common symptoms of Covid and the Omicron variant in Sweden.

  • 20 cases of odynophagia were identified
  • 15 of them were fully vaccinated against Covid-19
  • 4 required brief hospitalization for their symptoms
  • 6 patients showed signs of secondary bacterial infection and underwent antibiotic therapy.

What are the differences between odynophagia and dysphagia?

Odynophagia is difficulty swallowing., or at the level of the esophagus during the progression of food. There is no feeling of being blocked. Dysphagia refers to pain when swallowing. When swallowing, in the case of odynophagia, the person feels discomfort or blockage” says Dr. Rousselet.

Treatment targets the nasal passage. “The nasal rinse is essentially beneficial because it transports the secretions: we take a container in which we put heated tap water and salt. You can prescribe Corticosteroids to reduce inflammation the ENT sphere in nose drops for examplerecommends Dr. Rousselet.

Many thanks to dr. Thierry Rousselet, ENT and cervico-odontofacial surgery.

Source : “Acute odynophagia – a new symptom of COVID-19 during the SARS-CoV-2 omicron variant wave in Sweden,” J Interne Med. February 15, 2022.

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