Underinvestment: The CAQ refuses to expropriate the operator of Mont Sainte-Anne

The CAQ government is ruling out a special law to expropriate the operator of Mont Sainte-Anne, as recently proposed by former ministers Sam Hamad and Agnès Maltais, because of the chronic underinvestment that has raged on the mountain for years.

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Questioned on this subject by PQ member Pascal Bérubé and Liberal André Fortin, during the study of the budget, Geneviève Guilbault, Minister in charge of the Capitale-Nationale region, stated that it would be better to include the Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR) in it invest rather than engage in an “expensive and endless legal saga”.

The company, which operates several other ski resorts in western Canada, has owned the rights to operate the slopes of Mont Sainte-Anne since 1993 under a contract that expires in 2093.

no miracles

After analyzing all the options, “the best thing to do is convince him to invest,” explained Mr.me Guilbault referring to RCR.

“We’re excited about this contract, there’s no miracle to be done,” she said.

“We’ve been trying to see if this deal (with RCR) gives us the slightest leverage: the answer is no,” summarized Mme Guilbault.

The Deputy Prime Minister assured that she and her colleagues had been “very active” in this dossier in the past few months.

“We decided to take a collaborative approach. (…) We hope that it will continue”, said Mme Guilbault, who indicates that Secretary of Commerce Pierre Fitzgibbon is in talks with Resorts of the Canadian Rockies.

No to a special law

For his part, Minister Fitzgibbon brushed aside the idea of ​​resorting to a special law to evict RCR from the mountain.

Former Capitale-Nationale ministers Sam Hamad and Agnès Maltais, among others, suggested this in an open letter published last month. How many citizens, athletes and businessmen have Mr. Hamad and Mr.me The Maltais believe that the underinvestment suffered by Mont Sainte-Anne has lasted long enough.

“I’m not an expropriator, my job is to develop Québec’s economy,” the economy minister began, breaking off this solution.

“I confirm everything that has been said: I think this mountain needs investment,” conceded Mr Fitzgibbon, however, assuring that it was “a priority” for him.

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