Toyota revamps its Supra and launches the manual transmission for 2023

Who would have thought that Toyota would inevitably become one of the last bastions of sport driving at its purest? However, this is currently happening with the successive releases of the GR 86 and the GR Corolla under the influence of the great boss Akio Toyoda, a great fan of sports cars and auto racing. Now add to that list the latest iteration of the Supra, which brings back the manual gearbox in addition to receiving various tweaks.

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Karl Rene

Karl Rene
The press

The sports coupé co-developed with BMW is thus entitled to this endangered mechanical component for the 2023 model year, which makes it significantly more interesting and relevant in the eyes of a purist clientele. The engineers didn’t just bolt on the six-speed gearbox, however, without making the necessary modifications to the coupe.

The symbiosis between the engine and this transmission can be felt from the gearbox housing to the shaft that directs the torque to the rear, to a differential with an increased ratio and the engine map. The shift lever mechanism has also been studied and its stroke shortened to improve its feel and precision. This box can also only direct the original BMW 3 L inline six-cylinder turbo engine developing 382 hp.


Toyota has focused on both the mechanism of the shifter and its positioning in the cabin to make the driving experience rewarding.

In order to adapt to this transmission in combination with a very high-torque engine, the traction control system has been optimized to reduce tire slip when starting off from a standstill. The stability control system has also been revised to make this Supra’s behavior at the limit more predictable, thereby limiting its tendency to oversteer. The damping has also been revised to find a better balance between comfort and the dynamic aspect of the two-seater, in parallel with the steering.

The price list for this Supra 2023 will be presented this summer. We should logically expect to pay a premium to get our hands on the manual transmission liveries. However, we bet their value will remain and may even increase as this configuration becomes increasingly rare in the automotive world.

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