The Canadian | Seven positives at the end of the season

Good news has been rare for Canadians since October. A few hours before the very last game of this long season, let’s give the gift of goodwill by highlighting seven positive points from the last month.

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Simon Olivier Lorange

Simon Olivier Lorange
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The one we didn’t expect anymore

Who is the Canadian’s top scorer in April? Nick Suzuki isn’t a bad suggestion, but it’s Christian Dvorak who has led the game for the past four weeks, scoring 11 points in 13 games. The defensive record is less glorious, but so is practically the entire team, who have not known how to win since the so-called beginning of spring. In fact, we discover a real metronome at the offensive level in Dvorak, who has been producing at exactly the same rate for three seasons. However, his differential of -21 is the worst of his career.

We didn’t expect the other one


Jeff Petry

Have you lost all faith in Jeff Petry? people of small faith! If Dvorak wins the April Total Points award, it will be the dark number 26 who is actually the most prolific with 10 points in just 10 games. During that streak, he also ranked the best among CH regular defenders in terms of goals scored, goals expected and quality scoring chances granted on the ice, according to specialized website NaturalStatTrick. Joel Edmundson’s return to form helped him a lot, but he also admitted to having more confidence in his main strength, his skating.

The sigh of relief


Joel Edmundson

Joel Edmundson couldn’t wait any longer. Normal: He showed up at training camp last September hoping to play fast. However, he did not play his first match until March 12th. Like any private defender who has to jump into the fray so late in the season, he needed an adjustment period. However, like many people, he breathed a sigh of relief to realize he hadn’t lost all of his funds. After presenting a difference of -4 in March, it responded with +1 in April despite a lost context, we recall. All of his defensive indicators are up and he forms the best duo this season-ending with Petry.



Jake Evans

Jake Evans is not the star of this team and probably never will be. He still has just 6 points in 12 games, a pace much higher than his 21 points in 59 games prior to April. And he has only been surprised on the ice five times when the opponent scored in a five-a-side game. When we know the Habs gave up 37 goals under the circumstances while Evans was in training, that’s an achievement. Like all of the club’s forwards, he’s played with pretty much everyone this season but seems to be forging an interesting bond with Rem Pitlick.

In search of the springboard


Ryan Pohling

Another who’s relatively little talked about but is having a good time is Ryan Poehling. His goal against the New York Rangers on Wednesday was his fourth in seven games. The keyword in his case: simplicity. He hasn’t fully settled into the NHL yet, so the top can wait. Like Evans, he didn’t cost his team much when he was on the ice, despite the revolving doors on his line. He’s certainly one of those who can (and should) use these good times as a stepping stone.

success at circles


Ryan Poehling and Josh Norris

Be careful not to smother you: The Canadian is sixth in the NHL in a statistical category, and it’s not because we’re reading the tide upside down. Since the beginning of April, his center players have had an efficiency of 53.7% in the faceoff circle, which is well above the team average for the entire season (49.1%). For the first time, the four main players in the center touched the symbolic 50 percent mark at the same time for a whole month – Pöhling is actually at 49.5 percent, but he still has a game to invite himself into seriousness.

Do more with less

The Canadian’s power play has been so pathetic this season that many joked about the possibility of penalties being ruled out to avoid two long minutes of torture. When it comes to being at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, to be honest, things aren’t going too badly. With a success rate of 80.5% in April, on 19and th league, CH is on the way to completing one of its best months of the season. That’s not so good you say? Speak to the Habs in October and their enviable 65% rate – that’s one goal in three chances. Better than bad is not necessarily good. But it’s still better. Keep that in mind for next season.

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