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It is a service that Geneviève Albert renders us with her first feature film, Noemie says yes. Youth prostitution is shown to us with a heartbreaking realism that evokes strong emotion, then reflection. We come out destabilized but also alarmed.

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Marissa Groghe

Marissa Groghe
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The other great service that the director renders to all viewers of the film is that she has actress Kelly Depeault at the center of her work. His performance is flawless and powerful.

Noemie says yes tells, as the title suggests, of the moment when young Noémie said yes to the offer to escort the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal. After escaping the youth center where her mother refuses to take her with her, Noémie falls into the arms of Zach (James-Edward Métayer), who, behind his amiable demeanor, is in fact the pimp who will get her through life. Hell.

One could advise sensitive souls to refrain from looking Noemie says yes. Because violence, without being shown in vain, runs through the film from beginning to end. Sexual and physical violence against a character as young as 15. But even those who achieve little should be touched by this feature film, which shows the harsh reality of child prostitution for an hour and a half without giving the viewer a break. The process makes sense. Watching these scenes one after the other is stifling. And at the same time we know that this fiction represents a reality that is too true, so close to us, undeniable, but at the same time hidden.


For her film, Geneviève Albert sought out conversations with former prostitutes, even a young pimp, in order to better understand this universe, which has fascinated her for so long that she made it the subject of her very first feature film. We feel this search for reality, especially this desire not to overdo it.

The trap would have been to want to show the horror too much. Despite the harshness of the scenes she imagined, Geneviève Albert maintains a certain reticence. His creative process prevents the raped young woman’s body from being in the same frame as the man. The director presents the plot in such a way that we see the prostitute and the customer not in a relationship but in a transaction. In the unspoken, through the image alone, the message is clear. This also applies to all scenes in which no text is necessary for Noémie’s distress to hit us. Many of these moments in the film show us the teenage girl’s emotional journey, the downfall that awaits her, the pain that befalls her. Sometimes without a single word.

Behind the camera, Geneviève Albert masters her story perfectly. In front of the lens, Kelly Depeault makes everything the director imagined possible. It is she who elicits tears of pity or anger from just her looks and her gestures. It is she who, with her laughter, her cries or her tears, tells us this heartbreaking story.

The young actress is masterful in this title role. Kelly Depeault embodies all of her character’s emotions without ever overdoing it, always maintaining that magnetic accuracy of interpretation. We never tire of seeing her on screen, she featured in all the scenes.


Noemie says yes


Noemie says yes

Genevieve Albert

With Kelly Depeault, Emi Chicoine, Maxime Gibeault, James-Edward Métayer

1:53 p.m

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