Lifting of reservations and imminent resumption of work

The Minister of Housing, Town Planning and City, Mohamed Tarek Belaribi, ordered the lifting of all reservations regarding the studies at the Douéra Stadium level, as well as those regarding the outer perimeter, to allow the start of the secondary technical works structures, a statement said Ministry press release.

This directive and others were decided during an evaluation meeting dedicated to the “Douéra” stadium, held Monday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Housing, Town Planning and City, chaired by the Minister and in the presence of the Ministry’s central executives. the “CNIC” design office responsible for supervising the project, the “OUNE” design office responsible for the studies and the construction company ZCIGC.

After participating in the presentation of the development plan, which highlights the main obstacles to the project, particularly in terms of the external development works, in particular the transfer of the living quarters and the concrete plant and all the unnecessary facilities that will allow the company to carry out its work, the minister ordered accelerating the pace of construction of the three tunnels, the overall equipment of the stadium park by canceling everything unrelated to the works, the statement added.

Regarding the roof of the stadium and after the completion of the construction of the metal structure of the stadium, the minister gave instructions to draw up a list of the equipment necessary for the construction of the roof, identify them and count them at the level of collecting the deposit and all remove the administrative constraints that prevent their importation.

At the contract level with the Chinese production company, Mohamed Tarek Belaribi gave instructions for the settlement of the amounts owed by the Chinese production company, the signing of labor contracts with Algerian companies in case the Chinese production company fails in the application of the 3×8 system, if the latter does not have this labor system before the May 6 respected. The construction company was also obliged to speed up the decision-making process on site.

On the same day (Monday), the Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and Municipal Administration chaired a second meeting on the “Tizi-Ouzou” stadium, during which he examined the action plan of the company responsible for the equipment and the accounting plans for the entire construction period, highlighting the main technical Restrictions are defined that hinder the construction company. The working system to be used in the stadium was also discussed at this meeting.

“These are necessary and obligatory axes to start the works uninterruptedly and harmoniously and in line with the duration of the works,” said the minister.

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