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The Canadian’s miserable season ends Friday night at the Bell Center against the Florida Panthers.

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Mathias Brunett

Mathias Brunett
The press

All is not dark in the universe of CH. Youngsters under 22, Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, took charge.

Despite a difficult first half of the season, Suzuki reached the 60-point mark. Caufield scored 75 points all season under Martin St-Louis.

On defense, Alexander Romanov is emerging as the hoped-for defender, youngsters Jordan Harris and Justin Barron have had a chance to learn about the NHL, and Kaiden Guhle will join them in training camp.

Montreal will also have a top 3 pick in the July draft, maybe even the first, and a host of other picks.

In short, if your hopes of making the playoffs aren’t too high for next year, and probably next year, you have a unique opportunity in team history to see a rebuild begin before your eyes.

Here are the projects Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes have in store for next season to begin.

The retreat

Hughes and Gorton have been in Europe for the past few days (they returned on Thursday) to spy on some of the top prospects ahead of the draft. This shows you how critical this blueprint will be to the future of the organization.

Our men will no doubt be making the playoff tour in the Quebec, Ontario and Western leagues soon.

Canadians have a 25% chance of taking the overall title for the first time since 1980, and the event is taking place in their own backyard at the Bell Centre!

In the worst case, Montreal gets the third overall win. There are no Crosbys or McDavids, but some solid players are available including center Shane Wright, popular favorite Logan Cooley, also a center, winger Juraj Slafkovsky, defenseman Simon Nemec and a few others. .

Based on the last overall ranking, CH also keeps the first pick in the following rounds, regardless of the result of the lottery for the first three overall picks.

After its first election, Montreal will be elected between March 29and (the choice of flames for Toffoli) and the 33and Rank and also holds an acquired Oilers second-round midfielder for Brett Kulak.

The team also has three third-round picks and three fourth-round picks.

This range of choices, ten in the first four rounds, gives you management tools if you’re looking to improve your draft rank. Marc Bergevin never sacrificed decisions to get ahead.

Gorton managed to draft defenseman Braden Schneider in 2020 at 19and rank (against his election on 22and rank and a third-round pick) and landing another defender, K’Andre Miller, in 2018 at 22and rank (against choice at 26and rank and a second-round pick). Schneider and Miller are already in the NHL and met the Canadiens in New York on Wednesday.

Carey Prize

Even though he will play the last game on Friday night, doubts remain about the condition of Carey Price’s knee. It would therefore be very surprising if a club wanted to take the risk of taking him on at the age of 34 and four more years of contract at an annual salary of more than 10 million.

In an ideal world, Price regains his sanity and stays morally calm, providing stability for a few more seasons at the net to allow this young team to grow and avoid thaws.

However, Gorton and Hughes need to secure themselves and Samuel Montembeault will no doubt be offered a new contract while Cayden Primeau will continue his training with the minors.

Jeff Petry

We have attempted unsuccessfully to replace Jeff Petry at the transaction deadline, at a time when Petry was struggling to allow him to be closer to his family in the United States. Petry had a good end to the season, ten points in his last ten games, reclaiming his usual game time and first wave spot on the power play.

A buying club may be more inclined to take him on this summer without giving the moon in return, but if Petry leaves, remodeling or not, he’ll need to be replaced in training with an experienced player to avoid overextending himself Pressuring or being forced to keep a youngster in the NHL even if they’re not ready.

reduce salary

The Canadian finished last in the standings… but ranks first in terms of projected payroll, according to

Shea Weber will no longer play hockey and can be placed on long-term injury reserve for the next four seasons at his $7.8 million annual salary. But changing his contract to a club looking to meet the wage floor could give the Canadian additional flexibility without going into the intricate details of the collective agreement.

Brendan Gallagher’s contract is already hurting due to his declining productivity and wear and tear. Gallagher turns 30 next week, has scored six goals in 55 games and will average 6.5 million goals over the next five seasons. He received 5 million base salary this winter, but has to receive 8 million in 2023-2024 and 9 million in 2024-2025, making it impossible to act. He also has a partial no-trade clause (he must submit a list of six clubs he refuses to be traded to).

A contract buyout would still allow the Canadian to save just over 11 million on the remaining 34 and the payroll would drop by at least 4.3 million every season through 2032, except in 2026-2027.

Among the other candidates for financial consolidation are Mike Hoffman, 32, with an annual salary of $4.5 million over the next two seasons, and Jonathan Drouin, with $5.5 million but with just one year left on his contract.

A great summer ahead for Messrs. Gorton and Hughes!

Small statistical analysis

Here is the offensive performance of the Canadian players (at least the majority) since the arrival of Martin St-Louis. We find strong progression from Cole Caufield, Jeff Petry and Nick Suzuki, as you probably guessed, and significant regression in the case of Josh Anderson.

1 – Cole Caufield

32 points (19 goals)/35 games

+0.65 match point

2- Jeff Petry

18 points (3 goals)/29 games

+0.41 points/game

3-Nick Suzuki

33 points (12 goals)/36 games

+0.35 points/game

4- Chris Wideman

18 points (2 goals)/31 games

+0.33 points/game

5 – Christian Dvorak

15 points (3 goals)/21 games

+0.24 points/game

6-David Savard

7 points (2 goals)/19 games

+0.18 points/game

7- Jake Evans

15 points (6 goals)/34 games

+0.12 points/game

8- Mike Hoffman

19 points (7 goals)/36 games

+0.06 points/game

9-Ryan Poehling

8 points (3 goals)/25 games

+0.03 points/game

10 – Rem Pitlick

20 points (6 goals)/36 games

+/-0.00 points/game

11–Alexander Romanov

6 points (1 goal)/36 games

+/-0.00 points/game

12 – Brendan Gallagher

12 points (2 goals)/28 games

-0.01 point/game

13- Laurent Dauphin

6 points (2 goals)/23 games

-0.14 points/game

14 – Josh Anderson

13 points (10 goals)/33 games

-0.40 points/game

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