Debbie Lynch-White has another incredible travel adventure, and it’s hilarious

Debbie Lynch-White’s trip to Spain is far from over, full of twists and wacky anecdotes! After she had to call the police after her only pair of shoes was stolen, she encounters another bad luck!

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We remember in early April the one who had just finished the series Another story decided to realize a long-cherished dream: to walk the path to Compostela. On the other hand, on day 4 of this amazing trip and 73 km later, she realized that it wasn’t for her and that it wasn’t what she expected. She therefore decided to choose herself and abandon this long journey.

Following this decision, her friend Marina forbade her to return so she could take advantage of the incredible opportunity to be in Europe for a month before joining her, mentioning to her that she would send her clothes by post as she only had brought sports clothes. Well, in the end, not everything is as simple as the presented plan.

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The actress extensively shares the rest of the story of the famous package in a video on Instagram. While still waiting for her package, she woke up to an email from UPS telling her that her package was being held at customs in Barcelona. The European Post did not seem to want to cooperate and it is impossible to declassify them at the moment. Result? The package is stuck and she finds herself without clothes.

“@oops, waiting for my refund! (I exaggerated, I found a shirt and pair of pants too, hahha!) And we agree it’s a microscopic problem in the universe! Above all, it’s entertaining!” She wrote in the caption of her post to downplay everything.

The ones we knew through unit 9 raises with humor that it is impossible to find “linen of toutoune” in Europe. All she could find were two sweaters in a men’s department. She says exaggeratedly, “but hardly”. The package was therefore indispensable for him.

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The reason for these complications would be the presence of “cosmetics” in the package. In fact, the company not only cannot dispose of its package due to small perfume bottles and a mini bottle of shampoo, but even sends it back to the sender, i.e. to his wife Marina, in Quebec. Delirium! As a result, she lost two bus tickets to Montpellier to join one of her friends as she had to stay in town to wait for her package.

Luckily, she takes it all with a laugh and waits for her partner Marina to come and join her.

We hope that the sequel will be easier for you! To be continued!


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