Chapron KOs Belmadi and gets hit on by the Algerians

Former French referee Tony Chapron has found himself in the crosshairs of Algerian social networks since his comments about the Algerian coach.

Even some well-known personalities from the world of sport have joined to defend Djamel Belmadi.

In a speech on Canal + last Monday, Chapron had very harshly denounced the Algerian coach who had made harsh remarks about African arbitration the day before, particularly Gambian referee Bakary Gassama, who ruled the March 29 meeting between Algeria and Cameroon had directed.

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Belmadi had particularly shouted at the conspiracy. For Chapron, Belmadi made excuses for his team’s elimination from the 2022 World Cup race, and so it is “a mediocre”.

“If the Algerians don’t go to the World Cup, it’s their own fault. When you score in the 118th minute of a playoff and end up losing, you ask yourself questions. You are responsible for the elimination and not the referee.said the former French referee.

And to bring the point home: “The mediocre always find scapegoats, this is the case of Belmadi (…) The champions find solutions and the mediocre look for excuses. Belmadi is mediocre. »

Incidents that affected the career of the French referee very quickly surfaced on social networks. The Algerians featured the tackle Tony Chapron gave to a player he pushed during a French Ligue 1 game between Nantes and PSG. On another occasion, he is said to have made reprehensible remarks against a Moroccan player.

“Mediocre level, we can’t sink any lower”

Algerian international Mehdi Abeid recalls this ” Force “. “And you, Mr. Chapron, didn’t you use force during the Nantes-Paris match? Level mediocrity, we can’t fall any lower. By insulting Djamel as mediocre, you irritate an entire country and team. Did you just see the game? »asks the Al-Nasr player from Dubai on Twitter.

Hafid Derradji, the famous Algerian journalist for beIN SPORTS, reminds Chapron of his “racist” background and says he understands why he defended Bakary Gassama.

“The French referee Tony Chaperon who attacked Djamel Belmadi and called him mediocre for criticizing Gassama, it’s the same racist referee who once said to the Moroccan international Kamel Chafni: ‘Out with the dirty Arab! “. Now we know who is dirty and mediocre and we understand why he came forward to defend a mediocre referee like him.”writes the commentator from beIN SPORTS on Facebook.

In all social networks, similar messages are posted by specialized sites or anonymous people.

The page “The Green Wave” shared the video of Chapron’s tackle and left this comment: “Now it’s the turn of the ridiculous Tony Chaperone from L1. Always good to bring this action forth. One wonders which of Belmadi or Chapron is so mediocre. »

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