Anne Casabonne could run in the next Charlesbourg elections

Radio-Canada was able to confirm the information from several sources, including the president of the local association PCQ in Karlsburg, Roberto Paré. We have fairly regular discussions on this subject with the party executivehe said.

According to our information, the talks have been going on for about a week, but Anne Casabonne has not yet made a decision. The leader of PCQÉric Duhaime confirmed the existence of talks but declined to comment further.

However, Anne Casabonne will be in Quebec on Saturday afternoon to attend the symposium of the PCQ in which the positions of the party on the subject of health are clarified.

She is a serious potential candidate. »

A quote from Roberto Paré, President of the Charlesbourg Association for the Conservative Party of Quebec

On April 11, Anne Casabonne surprised Marie-Victorin by finishing fourth, ahead of the Liberal candidate.

The Charlesbourg seat is currently owned by Caquiste Jonatan Julien, Secretary of State for Energy and Natural Resources, who won the 2018 election with 48% of the vote.


According to our information, the possible candidacy of Anne Casabonne in the Québec region does not go like a letter to all activists in the post.

The fact that she has just presented herself on the south coast of Montreal could give the impression that she has parachuted into the Capitale-Nationale, making some Conservatives uneasy.

Charlesbourg local club president admits he has one preference personally for a real nomination process rather than a party-imposed candidacy.

Roberto Paré reiterates that his federation must listen to constituency militants to ensure this the right decision be taken.

This is a concern we have. On the other hand, we know that Ms. Casabonne is someone who works very hard and is usually very popular with the public. »

A quote from Roberto Paré, President of the Charlesbourg Association for the Conservative Party of Quebec

Mr Paré cites as an example the case of former journalist Jocelyne Cazin, who ran for the CAQ in Chauveau in 2018 when she came from the outside, which had drawn much criticism.

Cazin, ça n’avait pas été un super beau spectacle”,”text”:”MmeCazin, ça n’avait pas été un super beau spectacle”}}”>Mme Cazin, it hadn’t been a great showhe recalls, in order to avoid that such a situation affects a possible candidacy of Anne Casabonne.

However, no other serious candidate would have volunteered to wear the colors of the PCQ in Charlesbourg at that time, according to Mr. Paré.

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