Vaccination extended to private nurses from over 16s

It’s official: Since April 24, nurses can inject anyone over the age of 16 with a vaccine without a doctor’s prescription. This decision comes 3 months after the recommendations of the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS). Private nurses, midwives and pharmacists are affected by this upheaval in the organization of vaccinations. Explanations.

Liberal nurses and vaccinations

With European Immunization Week in full swing, a new approval has just been published in the Official Journal. She confirms Improving the vaccination skills of nurses, midwives and pharmacists. Until then, liberal nurses’ immunization capacities were limited to people susceptible to seasonal flu.

This authorization is notably in line with the recommendations made by the Directorate General of Health (DGS) and the HAS last January. It falls within the scope of improving the supply and vaccination process of the population. Liberal nurses, midwives and pharmacists are entitled to administer vaccinations for young people (from the age of 16) and adults. This affects vaccines listed in the vaccination schedule, including those against:

On the other hand, this extension does not concern the vaccination of immunocompromised people, whose vaccination schedules can be specific. Vaccines against meningococci B and rabies are also not affected. In fact, they are carried out in special and rare situations.

The HAS had stipulated that this approval had to be accompanied by:

  • Training of affected health professionals. In particular, the need to set up joint training courses to harmonize practices and messages to patients is stressed;
  • The development of an electronic vaccination card to facilitate follow-up care.

Finally, this recommendation is based in part on the observation made during the Covid-19 health crisis. In fact, the involvement of private nurses, midwives and pharmacists has been instrumental in the effectiveness and speed of immunization coverage of the population.

What exactly is changing?

Patients no longer have to go to their doctor to get vaccinated. From now on, liberal nurses can vaccinate them directly. To do this, patients must buy the vaccine at the pharmacy before the appointment. On the other hand, the decree does not fix the price of this medical measure, nor its reimbursement.

Midwives and pharmacists are also affected

This decree also authorizes pharmacists to administer the same list of vaccines to people over the age of 16. However, this is only possible on presentation of a doctor’s prescription.

Midwives, in turn, can prescribe and administer the same vaccines. In particular, they are authorized to vaccinate pregnant women, newborns and local residents.

Alexia F., Doctor of Neuroscience


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