The author of the attack on Old Quebec mixed video games and reality

I had to eliminate people on a full moon Halloween night. I had to do ithe testified on the first day of his defense presentation.

Carl Girouard said he felt endowed with a mission to change the world for the better. Therefore it was necessary to establish Chaos in order to create a New World.

It was in this spirit that he made his way to Quebec on the day of the tragedy, having painted the symbol of chaos in the bedroom mirror of his Sainte-Thérèse apartment.

It’s hard to put myself in the shoes of Carl Girouard at the timehe emphasized while claiming to be very different today.

He recalled that the three-hour drive seemed normal to him and that he was not afraid of what would change in Quebec: i was scared.

His plan was to enter the Château Frontenac to carry out his mission, but fear overcame him.

The rational side fought against my emotional sidehe explained further, about his two personalities.

Without getting out of his vehicle, he left before returning to the parking lot near the castle a few minutes later.

He assured that he didn’t want to do that and that he had to take the time to do it become angry to be able to act.

After getting out of his vehicle, he noticed that the door of the Chateau Frontenac was closed.

He turned before attacking the first person he saw.

For my mission there had to be deaths to alert my alter egohe repeated.

Rémy Bélanger survived this brutal attack, which the attacker at the time considered a failure.

It annoyed me even morehe explained to the jury, saying he didn’t want to fail. I really had to execute the second person, he continued. Which he will do by killing Francois Duchesne.

He remembered the attack on the third and fourth victims, but not their reaction.

These people are not deadpointed out his lawyer.

Thank you God!started Girouard.

His mission continued at rue des Remparts, where he fatally attacked Suzanne Clermont. Then he noticed a change in his mood.

I’ve accomplished my mission, but it’s not what I thought it would behe said.

Although he expected to be endowed with a sense of accomplishment, this was not the case. Told me the mission might not make that much senseadded the defendant.

I started to wonder why I was doing this. »

A quote from Carl Girouard testifying at his trial

Despite everything, he attacked a group of young people while saying he lived an inner struggle between his two personalities before going into hiding try to think calmly.

He then stayed in a bush for more than two hours before finally being spotted and arrested by police.

When police searched the killer’s vehicle, they found jerrycans of petrol.

According to the defendant, his plan provided for: a ritual to see before you set off assignment.

I had to be brave enough to kill my family and burn down the house to show my alter ego how far I had to go. »

A quote from Carl Girouard testifying at his trial

However, he decided not to perform this ritual as he felt ready to carry out his mission.

Carl Girouard in an office of the Quebec City Police Department.

Carl Girouard is surrounded by police officers in the SPVQ detention room. (Archive)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Screenshot / Video provided by the Service de Police de la Ville de Québec

Video games and the real world

Video games took up a large part of Carl Girouard’s life and, according to him, played an important role in his acting.

He said he started frantic gaming at the age of 15, preferring violent games involving bladed combat.

After that, he lost interest in school while his virtual world became more and more important.

I mixed the world of video games with the real world. You had to live in a video game world.

He summarized his schedule in the months leading up to the attack as follows: I drank a lot of coffee, smoked hash and played video games.

He said he also played online for more than 24 hours without sleeping.

Better World and Chaos

According to the accused, his idea is to create a world better by creating the chaos It crystallized around the age of 17 or 18.

Then he started thinking about it constantly.

It’s like a second world in my head, he illustrates, there was another Carl Girouard focused on the mission.

Die while completing your mission

A mission in which he will die but will continue thanks to his alter ego.

Questioned on the subject by his lawyer, Girouard could not identify who these people are, inhabited by the same desire to create a New World.

But to warn them, he decided to act on Halloween, a full moon night.

Criminal liability?

His lawyer Me Pierre Gagnon wants to demonstrate that he cannot be held criminally responsible for his mental disorders.

After evaluating different places to fill his assignmentGirouard chose Old Quebec because of the its older decor with statues like in my video games .

Throughout his life he preferred not to associate with humans, knowing that he would die to complete his mission.

I was careful to talk about it. I could not be arrested because my mission was of the utmost importance. »

A quote from Carl Girouard testifying at his trial

According to his claims, he couldn’t try to find alter egos: It’s a top secret mission.

Therefore it was necessary to create a mess to create a New World to send a message to my alter ego to continue the workhe added.


The prosecutor, Me François Godin, began to cross-examine Girouard.

The attorney tried to demonstrate that the killer was perfectly capable of telling the difference between right and wrong at various stages of planning his mission.

To do evil was to do gooddeclared Girouard on the subject.

His cross-examination will continue on Thursday.

His mother testifies

The defense began presenting their case by having the defendant’s mother testify.

Monique Dalphond, who raised four boys, described her son Carl as a lonely and withdrawn child.

His mother said she had seen him behave inappropriately since kindergarten. This was the case throughout his school career.

At the end of elementary school he was treated to concerta. According to the mother, he will come off the drug on his own by the end of the freshman year of high school.

An illustration of a woman wearing glasses.

Monique Dalphond, defendant’s mother


Interested in samurai costumes

When he came of age, Girouard got a credit card.

His mother stated that he had a very strong interest in bladed weapons and samurai costumes at the time.

It was a collection, said the mother. Though it worries her, she added that it’s her only interest aside from video games.

He has no social life, no friendssummed up the woman.

In 2016, she said she saw something concerning. Carl was talking to himself in his shower and laughing to himselfshe told the jury.

According to her testimony, the mother remained in the courtroom to listen to her son’s testimony, escaping occasional sobs.

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