Saber attack on Old Quebec | Carl Girouard did not hear the devil’s voice

(Quebec) Carl Girouard admitted under cross-examination Thursday that he heard no voices and was not the victim of hallucinations when he attacked seven innocent bystanders with a saber on Halloween night 2020 in Old Quebec.

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Gabriel Beland

Gabriel Beland
The press

“Didn’t the devil tell you to kill people in Quebec? asked the Crown Prosecutor, Mr.and Francois Godin.

“No,” the 26-year-old killer admitted. He also denied the prosecutor’s question as to whether he heard voices or had visual hallucinations.

Girouard continued to claim in court that in his mind “two Carls were fighting together”. “Bad Carl” was obsessed with a “mission” to eliminate people with a sword. “It was mandatory,” the accused repeated on the second day of his testimony.

The Crown continued to look for flaws in the defense of not being liable for mental illness. Mand Godin insisted on the high level of preparation of the Sainte-Thérèse killer, who simmered his plan from the age of 17 to his execution at the age of 24.

“Why didn’t you kill people in Old Montreal? asked the prosecutor. “Why drive three hours to Quebec? »

Mystery about tattoos

The Crown also recalled that the man had two tattoos on his back to be “pure” when taking action. He initially underwent unsuccessful laser sessions for “months” before simply having the tattoos covered up.

Mand Godin advised him that he had time to think long and hard about the actions he would take during these laser sessions. “It’s hard for me to get back into the head of the Carl of the mission,” said the man, who is accused of two first-degree murders and five attempted murders.


Carl Girouard covered two tattoos on his back before taking action.

Mand However, Godin did not ask Girouard what his tattoos originally represented, and the mystery remains.

The public prosecutor also wanted to know when “good Carl” finally took over. After his crimes, Girouard said he immediately realized the futility of his “mission”. However, immediately after his murders, he remained silent for five long hours during his interrogation by the police. The police officers who arrested him said he appeared calm and in full control of his abilities.

“Good Carl came back when I was taken into custody and cried for the first time,” he told the court.

The Crown defends the thesis that Girouard was in possession of his funds at the time of the murders of two innocent people in Old Quebec, that he was trying to make himself significant through these crimes and that he wanted to be an “agent of chaos”.

Psychiatrist Gilles Chamberland, defense expert, is scheduled to testify on Friday.

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