Pixy, Snapchat’s flying camera that follows you everywhere

At the Snap Partner Summit, Snap introduced an unexpected new product. After the camera glasses, here comes the camera drone. Pixy packs all of Snapchat’s photo know-how into one small device that follows you to immortalize your moments.

Pixy // Source: Snap

Snap likes to surprise. After the connected glasses Spectacles were launched a few years ago and were then available in different models, here is a new way to capture images of your daily life in a different light.

During the Snap Partner Summit organized on Thursday, the company with the little spirit presented Pixy, a funny flying yellow square in the shape of a miniature drone. With its four propellers, it can rise in front of you and follow you to photograph and film you.

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A flying paparazzi

It may have sounded like a joke, but it’s not. Already available in France, Pixy uses Snapchat’s codes with its bright yellow color and photographic talents. Because Snap has chosen to rely on the know-how of its application’s camera so that you can immortalize your important moments alone or with friends. It all gives you a new perspective and gains altitude. Because at the shows, her point of view was in the spotlight. There you will be the star.

Pixy, Snapchat's flying camera that follows you everywhere
Source: Snap

Like the current Snap, this “flying camera” fits in your pocket and rises when needed. Just tap a button and the four rotary controls turn on, and Pixy takes off according to four pre-recorded flight types: in orbit mode for a 360° view, in hover mode in front of you, behind you where you’re going, or simply without around you (revelation mode). And Pixy promises to land in your outstretched hand at the end of her flight. Since it’s your gestures that tell him what to do, no remote control is available.

Videos are automatically transferred and saved to Snapchat Memories. You can then edit them, add lenses or music (videos have no sound). Fast add-ons like Hyperspeed, Rebound, Orbit 3D, etc. are yours. All you have to do then is share them on Snapchat in chat, in Stories, on Spotlight or elsewhere on other platforms.

Pixy, Snapchat's flying camera that follows you everywhere

Be careful, Pixy is not resistant to rain or wind, not even a light breeze. Extend your arm out in front of you at eye level, Pixy on your palm, and it will take off based on the height of your head. It tracks your head and body position to head and back. The white camera LED will flash to start recording.

Price and availability of the Pixy

Pixy is initially available in the United States and France while supplies last, priced at €274.99 on the Snapchat website or on the dedicated Pixy website. Additional accessories are offered (battery, charger, bumper, carrying strap, etc.).

For France it is obviously necessary to follow civil aviation recommendations in the same way as a drone in flight.

Pixy, Snapchat's flying camera that follows you everywhere

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