Nvidia is preparing a 900W graphics card, the electricity bill will explode

Nvidia is probably working on a new graphics card generation “Ada Lovelace”, which could probably throw all current GPUs out of the race. This new card would require 900W of power to function, a record.

Credits: Unsplash

Nvidia should build on it a monstrous RTX 40 series graphics card capable of consuming 900W of power, according to a Twitter leaker named @kopite7kimi. It’s been a few months now since various sources have been talking about the RTX 4000 likely to offer much higher TDPs than current cards, but this is the first time we’ve heard of an even more powerful version with a peak power of 900W .

As a reminder: The GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, Nvidia’s currently most powerful graphics card, requires “only” 450 W to operate, i.e. half as much. The leaker adds that the card will use a full AD102 SKU, 48GB of 24Gbps GDDR6X memory, but above all a dual 16-pin power supply configurations. We would therefore find two new PCI Express 5.0 connectors, each allowing to deliver up to 600W of energy.

What could this mysterious Nvidia GPU with a TDP of 900W be?

It is likely that the reference we are talking about is with a consumption of 900W the RTX 4090 Ti, which is to come onto the market later. It could also bea new version titaniuma series that Nvidia had somewhat put aside in recent years.

However, with such energy consumption, we imagine players’ bills exploding. We can also expect the board to draw close to 1500W of power, which would be unprecedented. So it definitely willa high-end GPU aimed at professionals and not consumers, which would require a massive power supply, not to mention tremendous cooling.

Nvidia’s next generation of 5nm graphics cards, dubbed the Ada Lovelace, are slated for release later this year. Until Nvidia officially confirms the specs and models it will be launching, it’s all speculation. However, what little we know seems to be In terms of performance, it’s quite exciting, but less for the wallet.

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