Mika even makes the stars sing

Well-crafted pop, energy, good sound and a burning audience, Mika didn’t miss his chance on his very first visit to Quebec. He even made the stars sing.

After a visit originally scheduled for April 7 and postponed due to illness, the British-American-Lebanese singer was at the Videotron Center on Wednesday.

In a reduced configuration, there must have been around 6,000 spectators.

“We never met and that’s the beauty of life. As on this evening, it offers us something new. My name is Mike. I have an important story to tell you. An old but urgent story about love and its dangers. Pay attention and listen carefully,” he said after he was done Lollipop, who opened his performance, standing on the piano.

During origin of love, Mika asked those who saw him in concert for the first time to tell them. A majority was vocal. “I’m glad, you have no idea,” he said, laughing.

King Mika must have felt a huge surge of love at that moment.

And that wave, it surged with power as he blasted with the bomb Relax, take it easy. Everyone got up en bloc to dance and sing while he did the same shirtless on stage.

He’ll have the stars singing as he urges viewers to turn on their phones while he’s doing it under water.


The presence of the four musicians on a raised section, sometimes isolated by a luminous frame, has a striking effect.

The 38-year-old singer, who walked the streets of the old capital on Tuesday, mainly drew from the works Life in cartoon motion and My name is Michael Holbrook.

While the training Big love (you are beautiful)Mika, who had just put on a pink suit, will be walking with the crowd on the floor and in the stands.

“The view isn’t bad here,” he threw into the audience from the top of Section 106, gazing at the stage in front of it.

“I think we’re just getting to know each other,” he added, referring to those who clung to him a little too tightly during his getaway.

During she said to mehe warns the burning spectators that they have no right to stop dancing.

He’ll lose himself completely in the story he wanted to tell before he starts Grace Kelly, love todaya cover of little love and we are golden who put an end to this great pop evening.

“There’s been Coachella and the Bell Center, but there’s a big boost of energy tonight,” he honestly admitted.

Used to performing at smaller venues, Klô Pelgag did very well in the first part. She had a big sound and her unconventional pop spread particularly well at the Videotron Center.

The audience responded well to his brief performance. That In the shade of cypress, unami, melamine and the frenzied finale of where do you go when you sleep where she jumped everywhere went very well.

Mika performs at the Théâtre du Palais Municipal de La Baie in Saguenay on Thursday evening.

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