Mattias Norlinder will be playing in Quebec next year

When we talk about young hopeful defenders who can try to break into the CH squad next fall, we think of Justin Barron, Jordan Harris or Kaiden Guhle. These are the hopes who stand the best chance of making the club.

Seems we don’t think much of Mattias Norlinder. The defenseman, who made his debut in the NHL earlier this season, has lost some feathers this season after a difficult season at Montreal, Laval and Frölunda.

He’s done well at least in the playoffs, but the rest hasn’t been sloppy since boot camp.

The season he just spent hurt him. Finally, he doesn’t seem to have made any progress, which is bad for a young defender of his caliber. Let’s say that’s not what a club is looking for.

So next year he will have to redeem himself, a matter of returning to the good of his organization. And obviously it gets done for him in Montreal or Laval.

His Swedish club said it was the end for him in Europe and the rest was up to the organization of CH.

It won’t be easy for him to find his place behind Alexander Romanov, Joel Edmundson, David Savard and all the others who will be there in Montreal. We can assume that he will start at Laval at the beginning of the season.

bracket here. We remember that a few months ago he didn’t want to go to Laval, but I hope that was only because he had the option of Sweden as a plan B. That won’t be the case next year.

Short. His training camp will be important, but above all he needs to start the season well (possibly at Laval) to put himself on the Canadian’s radar in the event of a recall.

So to be continued in the coming months.


– Nice gesture.

– I am in love.

– Will he be back for the playoffs?

– More Carey Price on the menu.

– At least.

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