Firearm: In jail for his Chihuahua

Montreal rapper White-B got two years less jail time every day today for pulling a gun on a passing worker in an alley who allegedly nearly ran over his Chihuahua.

“Neither the size of the dog nor that of its master impresses [la victime]. He only fears for his safety from the moment the defendant exposes what looks like and says it’s a real gun,” we read in a decision on David Bouchard-Sasseville.

The 27-year-old rapper, known for his collaborations with singer Loud and his participation in the Festival d’été de Québec last year, committed his crime in August 2019.

According to evidence presented during the preliminary investigation, a cement worker had walked down an alley on rue Chabot in Montreal to work on sheds. However, he almost crushed the rapper’s Chihuahua while driving.

“Ouch, my dog,” White-B yelled at him.

small revolver

The cement worker would then have replied that the animal should have been tied and then continued on its way. But the Chihuahua would have followed him to the shed. There would have been a dispute because the small animal was not on a leash.

Shortly thereafter, the rapper pulled a small gun from his pocket.

“Do you think this is a fake,” Bouchard-Sasseville said.

The cement worker quickly called the police, who eventually arrested the singer.

According to our information, Bouchard-Sasseville carried a firearm, believing it was necessary for his safety, when he was about to cut ties with unsavory people.

And instead of going to court, he eventually pleaded guilty to charges related to those threats and the gun he was in possession of.


“He’s very sorry he has to turn the page,” his attorney Alexandre Bergevin said today, shortly after the rapper received his verdict at the Montreal courthouse.

Mand Bergevin also reminded the court that Bouchard-Sasseville was an artist with “a lot of musical talent” so he could make a living from his music.

Finally, Judge Manlio Del Negro endorsed the lawyers’ joint proposal, citing the danger of firearms and the scourge raging in metropolitan Quebec.

In addition to the two years less than a day’s imprisonment, White-B was banned from firearms possession for a period of 10 years.

♦ David Bouchard-Sasseville is currently in Ontario in connection with a firearm possession offense.

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