Discover the origin of the Tenno in Warframe’s Angels of the Zariman, available today.

It’s time to investigate the origin of the Tenno and uncover even more mysteries in the mysteries of Angels of the Zariman, out today for Warframe. This brand new update includes a new Warframe, new Chrysalith social hub, customizable apartments, new game modes, an overhauled subclass, and even a new weapon class.

With the arrival of this update you pick up where The New War left off and in fact you must have completed this expansion to progress in this new update. The darkness awaits you along with the ship Zariman Ten Zero, which you can explore and discover its secrets through new quests and content. The ship was once thought to be lost in the void, but while time and other factors have changed things, it’s not finished revealing its secrets.

The 49th Warframe is Gyre, who is graceful and uses electric attacks that he spins to generate energy. Its attacks allow you to target your enemies with lightning or even chain lightning.

The Chrysalith allows you to unlock and customize your very own Dormizone Apartment once you complete the Angels of Zariman quest. New decorations and options are also added in this update. The hub will not only be a social space that opens up Warframe, but also access to new modes, Void Flood, Void Cascade and Void Armageddon, each of which represents a different approach to classic Warframe challenges.

Void Flood is a parkour based challenge where you have to seal rifts without falling into too many debuffs to spawn and defeat mini bosses. Void Cascade introduces a new enemy, the Thrax, who can possess Exolizer. You must face these new enemies and protect the life support system. In Void Armageddon, you can fight enemies on the Zariman to protect his relic.

You can also complete missions and defeat enemies via an NPC in the Chrysalis to get Void energy for your weapons. This new weapon type, the upgradeable weapons of Incarnon, can be modified and transformed.

Focus has also been revamped to give all schools a more clearly defined identity and give you more active skill options. Focus Points have been refunded so you can reassign them under the new system.

See Warframe for more details on this update.

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