Bombings in Kyiv during UN Secretary-General’s visit


2:35 p.m. | The sirens warning of an attack would not have sounded; It could be hypersonic missiles, according to a specialist on our ether.

2:26 p.m. | No one was killed in the rocket attack, the Ukrainian army confirmed to TVA Nouvelles and other local media.

2:07 p.m. | Ukrainian engineers are being deployed to intervene on buildings hit by two surface-to-air missiles in Kyiv, reports Félix Séguin. We hear panicky voices coming from the radios.

2 p.m. | “The capital has been hit in the heart,” reports Félix Séguin live, a few minutes after the bombings in Kyiv.

The AFP report

The Ukrainian capital Kyiv was the target of strikes on Thursday night during a visit by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for the first time since mid-April, AFP journalists noted.

AFP correspondents saw one floor of a burning building with black smoke billowing from shattered windows while many police and rescue workers were at the scene.

“In the evening the enemy fired on Kyiv. Two strikes in Chevchenkovsky district,” confirmed Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko.

“No one was killed in the rocket attack,” the Ukrainian army confirmed to TVA Nouvelles and other local media. According to our information, the sirens warning of an attack did not go off.

“Rockets hit central Kyiv during Antonio Guterres’ official visit,” Mikhailo Podoliak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, tweeted.

“Yesterday he was sitting at a long table in the Kremlin and today there are explosions above his head,” joked Mr. Podoliak.

“This is proof that we need a quick victory over Russia and that all civilized people need to unite around Ukraine. We must act quickly. More weapons, more humanitarian efforts, more aid,” added the head of the presidential administration, Andriï Iermak.

He called for Russia to be stripped of its right of veto in the UN Security Council.

Guterres spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Tuesday. He arrived in Ukraine on Thursday, notably to visit Boutcha and Irpin in the capital’s suburbs, scenes of atrocities attributed by Ukrainians to the Russian army.

He also spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and regretted that the UN Security Council had failed to prevent and end the war that Moscow started on February 24.

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a violation of its territorial integrity and the Charter of the United Nations,” he again condemned.

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