ALG-UGA is part of the “Tests Events” of the JM 2022

The Algeria-Uganda match, scheduled for next June at the new stadium in Oran as part of the first qualifying day for Africa Cup of Nations (CAN-2023) football, will be included in the experimental program of events (Event Tests) that the 19th th edition of the Mediterranean Games (JM) is planned for this summer in the city, we learned from the organizers of the event on Tuesday.

In that regard, the President of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), Charaf-Eddine Amara, was on Monday the host of the JM Commissioner, Mohamed Aziz Derouaz, on the sidelines of his working visit to Oran, during which he inspected Algeria using the city’s new stadium 40,000 seats, said COJM communications and marketing officer Mourad Boutadjine.

“This game against Uganda will be a godsend for our committee to test our capacity in organizing such an event just a few weeks before the start of the World Youth Games and also and above all to better promote the sporting event. ” he said.

The topic was also on the agenda of the meeting that brought together the Commissioner of the JM and the President of the FAF at the COJM headquarters, continued Mourad Boutadjine, stressing that the organizers of the JM will mobilize their full potential, especially the volunteers, to ensure the success of the football event.

Oran Stadium is part of the new sports complex being built in the town of Bir El Djir (east of Oran). The latter will be delivered shortly to host several competitions such as the football tournament and the athletics, swimming and team sports events during World Youth Days.

The new football stadium in the country’s western capital hosted a first friendly match between the Algerian team of local players (A’) and their Liberian counterparts last June. It was also an experimental test for the organizers of the JM in anticipation of the Mediterranean sports fair, we remember.

Against Uganda, national team A will make their first appearance after failing to qualify for the 2022 World Cup after losing the second leg to Cameroon (2-1 ap) last March at the Mustapha Tchaker Stadium. by Blida. The latter has been the Greens’ favorite garden since 2008, where they scored several appearances, including two qualifiers for the 2010 and 2014 World Championships.

And to start a new era, still under the guidance of coach Djamel Belmadi, who has agreed to continue his mission at the helm of the national team, it will first move to Oran, where during the CAN its opponents of the group F is received -2023 qualification, which are in addition to Uganda, Tanzania and Niger.


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