Twitch is planning a new monetization system… and not everyone likes it

Gaming News Twitch is planning a new monetization system… and not everyone likes it

It looks like Twitch is currently revamping the way it compensates its top talent, and not everyone is happy with that.

Towards more and more pubs?

The news just hit Bloomberg’s page: Amazon would consider changing the monetization rules of the Twitch platform to generate even more profits. There are several ways to do this. The first, and the most pathetic, would be an increase in the spread of advertising. In return, the platform would encourage its top talent to add more pubs to its channel in exchange for better revenue. Of course, this new proposal, even if not yet effective, could affect the comfort of the spectators. As you probably already know, ads can appear on Twitch without warning, even if you’re watching a League of Legends competition, for example, which can quickly become annoying, especially when the transmission rate is increased… But that’s not all.

It also seems that Amazon would be willing to take a backseat to its greatest talents for even more profits. In fact, at the time of writing, Twitch “only” recoups 30% of revenue generated from a subscription or donation from viewers, meaning the other 70% ends up in the pockets of content creators. Unfortunately, this release may be scaled back for larger streamers in the future…

On the way to less revenue for streamers?

According to sources shared by Bloomberg (sources who have chosen to remain anonymous), Streamers profit percentage could be reduced as profit increases. The more a streamer earns, the smaller their profit share gets until a fair share is reached. That means 50% of the revenue goes to the streamer (instead of 70%) and the other 50% ends up in Amazon’s pockets (instead of 30%). This news obviously made the biggest streamers react, starting with MisterMV, who was quick to share the news.

However, the launch of this new formula would allow content creators to gain freedom, according to the American giant, since in return, for example, Twitch could offer its partners to remove the exclusivity restrictions so that they can publish their videos on YouTube or Facebook.

Apparently, this new information is the result of an internal discussion, meaning they are merely ideas put forward by Amazon and Twitch employees. It is therefore possible that the latter will never see the light of day. However, if the ideas are validated, they could take effect this summer.

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