This brand uses heat-sensitive ink to promote their innovative baby bottle

While being a parent is a source of happiness and fulfillment, it also comes with a certain commitment and great responsibility. And that’s for the most basic things. Therefore, to help parents experience this adventure as calmly as possible, NUK is launching its bottle that controls the temperature of the milk. And to promote this innovation called “First choice +”, the childcare brand is doing a campaign with agency Wunderman Thompson France.

Safety and practicality in the foreground!

NUK knows that not all parents are equipped with their own bottle, but that all parents sometimes have to travel with their babies… and therefore have to heat the milk (and sometimes even have someone else heat it). At the same time, the brand wants to prevent burns in children aged 0 to 4, knowing that hot liquids are the main cause (according to Santé Publique France). Given these observations, the brand therefore wanted to combine practicality with safety. It therefore launches a new bottle, baptized “First Choice+”.

This innovative product alerts parents to very hot content. As ? The color of the bottle changes depending on the temperature of the contents. So if the milk is too hot, the blue indicator turns white.

Photo credit: NUK

NUK has therefore decided to offer all parents a unique technology, making them known through a large-scale communication device designed by its agency, Wunderman Thompson France.

An advertising campaign worthy of a revolutionary solution

NUK has managed to transfer its innovation ” Temperature control ” on various advertising media… thanks to heat-sensitive ink!

The usual creativity of Wunderman Thompson France made it possible – with the Belgian illustrator Kristof Luyckx – to breathe life into a safety squad. In other words, five hotheads, brand ambassadors, will act as guinea pigs to prevent babies from getting burned and let parents know when the milk is too hot.

Photo credit: NUK

Just pour a drop of milk into the mouth of one of these colorful figures on the stand. If the milk is too hot, a warning appears, just like on the bottle. It’s an unconventional way of bringing the product experience to life for everyone!

Accessibility is the focus

Whether parents are in a restaurant, on an airplane, on a train, in the waiting room or in a museum, the Safety Squad is everywhere to complete their mission! Magazines, coasters, flyers, placemats on trains…

Photo credit: NUK

Activation is also used on social networks by influencer relays. The goal ? Highlighting the heat-sensitive technology of the NUK drinking bottle “First Choice+”. This makes everyday life easier for parents and gives them security.

At the same time, further formats equipped with heat-sensitive ink are becoming visible through a partnership with the magazine Parisian children. It is the reference book for parents, available free of charge from various places such as museums, cinemas, health food stores and pediatrician’s surgeries.

Parents can also find a member of the security team at various outlets. That next to NUK baby bottles “First choice +”, with temperature control to test the product experience in real situations. Activation will run until the end of summer 2022.

Photo credit: NUK

To learn more about Wunderman Thompson France visit the dedicated agency page!

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