Ten Years After Maple Spring | New civil lawsuit against “Matrikel 728”

A former Maple Spring protester has just filed a $122,500 civil lawsuit against police and Stéfanie Trudeau, aka “Matricule 728.” Ten years later, he accuses them of hitting him and spraying him with cayenne pepper.

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William Theriault

William Theriault
The press

Olivier Grondin, who was 22 at the time, regretted having suffered “numerous nightmares, panic attacks and vomiting, and a general feeling of anxiety” in the days and weeks following the events described in his persecution.

On April 26, 2012, the literary creation student at UQAM said he attended a demonstration where officers from the Police Service de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) “distributed tear gas with explosive projectiles.” After several maneuvers to evict him, a group of police officers hit him directly with the tip of a club, he says.

Mr Grondin, who according to the court document had attended a hundred student demonstrations, would have responded by asking the peace officers for their service numbers. To which one of them would have replied: “Otherwise, go through your camp, I will arrest you”.

Based on his statement, the student instead continued to inquire about the service numbers of the police officers. Given this attitude, “he received a kick directly to the right flank, as well as a series of hits with a club and kicks that reached his back, arms and head,” according to prosecutors.

Number 728

On May 20, 2012, Olivier Grondin said again during a Maple Spring demonstration that he had been sprayed with cayenne pepper by police officer Stéfanie Trudeau. The prosecution’s document explains that the latter “grabbed his pepper spray and fired it, aiming directly [le visage du jeune homme] less than a meter away and without warning”.

The student just saw the policewoman block the way and then “forcefully pushed back,” a young woman who told him she wanted to go through to return home, he said. He would have shouted to get the attention of Stéfanie Trudeau, whose arm “rushed to hit the young woman”.

“If you want to squeak, I can eat it,” Olivier Grondin told the SPVM worker after twice “violently” slapping himself in the face. Then he was targeted.

Some of these facts can also be observed in a YouTube video with almost 800,000 views. This video was “repeated to illustrate police brutality and to comment on Officer Trudeau’s many legal and media antics,” the official document points out.

That lawsuit, in which Grondin is seeking damages from the City of Montreal, must now go to the civil division of the Superior Court.

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