Rendezvous: La Folie Deuch lands on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea

From April 29th to May 1st, “La Folie Deuch'” is also planned “a lively tribute to the famous and incomparable 2 CV.” Because this new meeting was born from a discussion between local enthusiasts who could not find a better idea to express their shared passion for cars, heritage, art of living and authenticity. A passion that invites you to share throughout the territory, synonymous with holidays and spring sweetness…

The first meeting of this long weekend is repaired at 3 p.m. this Friday, April 29 to camping The Tamarissiere (Agde) before the departure in the procession, the crossing of Agde, then on the way to Marseillan-Plage (4 p.m.) and the exhibition of the vehicles Richemer Keller. Then return to Agde and from 18:30 to midnight, presentation on the Mole Beachin Cap d’Agde…

During the next two daysthat Seek will continue their journey, notably through Grau d’Agde (Saturday) and the ascent of Pic-Saint-Loup (Sunday). The complete program:

That Citroën 2CV (for “two fiscal horses”) – colloquially called Seek, Deudeuche or two legsbased on its two-cylinder engine – is the popular French car par excellenceas symbolic with its good face as the Eiffel Tower, the baguette or the beret and the object of a special affection for several generations of drivers.

A unique experience at the helm of a legend

Who has never driven 2 hp can’t know the feeling, unique in its kind: the strange feeling of holding a truck steering wheel in your hands while enjoying the refined effect of the convertible … even if you have to choose between soft top or listening to the radio, the two sets are sound completely incompatible!

And who does not have the picture of 2 hp from the nuns of the film series The gendarme in Saint Tropezthat nods dangerously on its axles in curves, while demonstrating its legendary impeccable handling?

We can also recognize a conductor of 2 hp right down to the bruise he sometimes gets on his elbow when he feels the bold urge to put it on the window, and without warning releasing the latch holding the half-opening window suddenly snaps it on his arm of the intrepid driver close …

Last detail, if you come across a green one, what should you do?

A short story…

That was in 1937 Michelina French tire manufacturer citroen and appoints Pierre Boulanger as boss. He came up with the idea of ​​creating a car intended for the rural world and a low-income audience. However, the ultimate goal is to empower the parent company Michelin expand its tire business.

Specifications, precise and draconiancreated after a survey of a target audience, defines the project position (tiny car): 4 seats, 50 kg of transportable luggage, 2 tax hp, front-wheel drive, 60 km/h top speed (!), 3-speed gearbox, easy to maintain and only 3 liters per 100 liters… It has to be easy to ride even for a beginner. And most importantly, no ostentatious sign should appear.

This is how the 2 CV came about and was made between October 7, 1948 and July 26, 1990. With something more 5.1 million copiesit is one of the ten best-selling French cars in history.

After 42 years of good and faithful servicethe 2 CV nevertheless continued its career thanks to a real one “Family” many enthusiasts who extend their history through gatherings, Symbol of an era and a certain way of life. That’s why La Folie Deuch’ it will return to the limelight for a weekend on the shores of the Mediterranean…

Philip Moret

to read and read again:

A panel from the comic book “2CV for a Muse” (ed. Paquet).

April 1961. After his victory in the ladies cutMargot became the face of citroen. She visits car shows and mainly presents the brand new ones friend 6. The famous couturier Théophile Saint Cardon partners with the brand and dresses a special edition of 2 hp in the colors of his new collection… This is how Volume 3 of the series begins Margot’s car investigationsa little gem of a comic by Olivier Marin and Callixte…

Vroom, vrououummm!

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