more bad news for the actor following his Oscars break

Since Will Smith’s slap in the face to Chris Rock at the 2022 Academy Awards, Will Smith has gone from bad news to bad news. The actor just lost a lucrative deal with Netflix to continue an amazing movie.

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That’s all we’ll remember. During the Oscars, which took place on the night of March 27-28, 2022, Will Smith took the stage to slap comedian Chris Rock after he made fun of his alopecia, his wife Jada Pinkett Smith . If the latter had preferred that he “Do not physically attack the master of ceremonies”, Will Smith has to bear the consequences of his gesture today. It was particular banned from the ceremony for ten yearswho may receive his first and last Oscar for Best Actor on March 27th. “For a period of ten years, Mr. Smith may not participate, in person or virtually, in any Academy event or broadcast, including the Oscars.”the president of the academy explained in a letter that he has in his possession People. That’s not all: the actor’s reputation has taken a major hit and film producers seem to be slamming him for his actions.

The contract between Netflix and Will Smith definitely burst?

As revealed CBRNetflix would have decided to end production of the sequel Bright, a fantasy film in which Will Smith had one of the main roles. According to Bloomberg journalist Lucas Shaw, this decision would not be related to the accident during the Oscars, but there is reason to doubt it. And at the same time, for good reason, Netflix decided to ban the actor from filming Fast and easywhen he was supposed to play the lead role. These aren’t the only projects that have been canceled or put on standby that Will Smith was set to star in…

Will Smith penalized: Will he be able to star in the sequel? bad Boys ?

Since the slap he slapped Chris Rock in, producers seem to have turned their backs on him, even those he’s worked with for years. This is especially true for the Pictures studios, which for now prefer not to comment on the project villains 4. The script for the new part was sent to him, but Sony then decided to change its mind. The project is suspended for the time being. Will Smith has not publicly responded to this decision.

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