Johnny Depp and Amber Heard | toxic couple

To follow the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the only thing we’re sure of is the possibility that these two got divorced before the pandemic. I dare not imagine what they would have done to themselves in captivity. Even I, in a close couple for 22 years, found it difficult at the end so imagine if you guys hate each other.

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Depp and Heard’s public unboxing is embarrassing because it’s the perfect illustration of a toxic relationship. According to Instagram, it is even more exciting in the perfect of this world.

If you’ve ever got stuck as a referee and heard two exes blaming each other for all the wrongs, you’ll realize it quickly Pattern. The more they reveal, the more it seems to be happening rotate even in the dirty laundry washing machine. What will happen to the witnesses – and last but not least we are talking about Elon Musk, Jason Momoa, James Franco or Paul Bettany – who in this process are followed with appetite from the planet, because there is not a day goes by without amazing things to learn. Alcohol, drugs, pills, recordings, saved text messages, a severed finger, photos of bruises on both of them, cheating, poop in the marriage bed…

Too much information. But you can’t help but catch an occasional glimpse of this tank wreck in slow motion that’s been unfolding for years. Maybe because we’re recognizing our worst memories of the breakup, but with Hollywood stars.

However, there are allegations of domestic violence, a very serious reality. But he throws so much dirt into this process that you lose your seriousness.

Both claim to have been victims of violence. Could it be that both are telling the truth by hurting each other? From what we’ve heard, it’s clear Depp has significant substance abuse and behavior problems, but Amber Heard also appears to have an explosive temper, according to other witnesses — she’s been portrayed as a “boss from hell,” among other things by his former assistant, who experienced his outbursts of anger.

Johnny Depp’s exes, not least Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder, have publicly spoken out for him. We see this often in this type of business, sometimes to protect a friend, his memories or family reputation, but it must be taken into account because sometimes there is only his witness truth to tell. It is still fascinating to see how many personalities are involved in this court case. Still, Johnny Depp’s reputation is surely ruined after so many sordid details.

While he doesn’t think he would have ever raised his hand against a woman, from what we’ve heard, we don’t want to be his girlfriend. He texted more than aggressive things, calling his ex a whore and saying he wanted to rape his corpse after she burned it. Monty Python humor, he said at the booth…

It was still he who got the gossip machine going again by suing his ex-wife for defamation after a column was written in the Washington Post where she spoke for female victims of violence and mentioned having been a public figure of that violence without naming her ex-husband. In that lawsuit, he is seeking $50 million; it goes ahead with a $100 million lawsuit. Known for being a searing basket who spends lavishly, Depp has lost many contracts since the beginning of this saga.


According to the testimonies heard, Amber Heard also seems to have an explosive temper.

As an actor who knows the cameras, Johnny Depp brings humor to his show in court, which is not to displease his hordes of fans, who have defended him from the start. He even made me laugh when he said he drugged Marilyn Manson to stop him from talking. The fact that this trial will be televised takes more effort than sincerity. All the elements for a media circus are in place, and if Depp turns out to be the victim, we may miss an opportunity to talk about domestic violence experienced by men. She exists. But I also don’t forget that every year the majority of those killed in spousal murders are women. This process is also a treat for misogynists, regardless of gender.

But so far I’ve mostly got the impression of an endless war between two former lovers, he, 58, she, 36, who were never really happy together.

What fascinates me is the amount of screaming that was recorded. We are not reported here in the comments but in the heart of marital hell to listen to them in their intimacy. And we don’t really know how to qualify a relationship where we call our attention to every crisis. Lord knows he can say ugly and nasty things in a pair match. If we save them, it will be, in my humble opinion, to continue the fight later and without apologizing, correcting ourselves and moving on to the most important thing in a couple’s survival: respect for the other.

How can two adults go so far into the striptease her private life? There’s a lot of money at stake here, but we’ve seen plenty of bitter fights between spouses over trivial matters like joint custody of the cat. The terrain of the war, I believe, is the public image of the protagonists here.

What is disastrous about this trial is not so much the public image of Johnny Depp or Amber Heard, but the fact that the important issue of domestic violence goes down on a major television show, highlighting two Hollywood stars who lacked the decency and maturity to settle their disputes without to pull everyone down. The worst – or best for voyeurs – is that it’s not over yet.

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