Jacques Lemaire, not vaccinated, will ultimately not attend Guy Lafleur’s funeral

We all know the story.

Jacques Lemaire and Guy Lafleur played eight seasons together with the Canadiens. They won five Stanley Cups in those eight years. Lemaire was an excellent player, but he didn’t have the caliber of Guy Lafleur. Did the two players get along well on the ice? Does it seem so…

But one thing is for sure, they didn’t get along very well when Lemaire was Lafleur’s coach.

Jacques Lemaire was named head coach of the Canadiens in 1983 after being called up as an assistant the previous season. He has trained the Canadiens for two years… last two seasons (in Montreal) by Guy Lafleur. The blond demon announced his (first) retirement after just 19 games in 1984-85, probably tired of having to think more about his defensive play. As a reminder, three years later he returned to the game with Rangers.

A few years ago (2017) Guy Lafleur told Paul Arcand that he and Lemaire were not a good match players and coaches.

“At the salary you make cr*ss I hope you don’t hit the donut this year!” – Jacques Lemaire

“Will you fuck, you asshole! – Guy Lafleur

Ever since then, there has always been a trifle between Lemaire and Lafleur. Lemaire was also absent from the Bell Center last Sunday night.

Yesterday morning, Jonathan Bernier told the Journal de Montréal that despite their differences, Jacques Lemaire and Guy Lafleur have vowed respect and friendship. A friendship that changed when they stopped playing together…

“I saw that our friendship was no longer the same. When we played we were always together. We played on the same line and we were roommates. Later we went different ways. – Jacques Lemaire to Jonathan Bernier

Bernier also wrote yesterday morning – reporting on Lemaire’s words – that Lemaire would be present at Guy Lafleur’s funeral…even though he might not like him.

However, Lemaire’s plans changed during the day.

Guillaume Lefrançois hinted at the end of yesterday (in the press) that Jacques Lemaire will not finally be present at Guy Lafleur’s national funeral on Tuesday. Why did it change in a few hours? According to Lefrançois, it is a story of (non-)vaccines that would justify that reversal by Jacques Lemaire.

“He lives in Florida, just like Steve Shutt. The two had planned to take the same flight to greet their trio’s legendary right winger one last time, except Lemaire is not vaccinated against COVID-19 due to a health issue he mentioned. As an unvaccinated person, he would have been restricted in his activities upon arrival in Canada. – Guillaume Lefrancois on Jacques Lemaire

Is that the real reason for his absence? I have reason to believe.

is it serious OK… some will be outraged that Lemaire is not vaccinated but I am not. I find it much sadder when someone cannot attend someone else’s funeral because they are not vaccinated. Especially if it’s for medical reasons…

Note that if Jacques Lemaire had wanted to find an excuse not to attend Guy’s funeral, he would most likely have found something other than a (non)vaccine story. Illness… family reasons…

Because there he may have just woken up a horde of people will troll make sure he is not vaccinated.

Funny times…


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