Health: Vitamin “A” is the main cause of death in Cameroon

The assembled health experts believe that this shortage is one of the leading causes of death in Cameroon.

What is a vitamin? Attempts at explanation, according to the doctors: “It is an organic substance that, in minute amounts, is essential for the growth and proper functioning of the organism. It is a microorganism that the body cannot produce itself. Conventional medicine first counts vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, P and PP. It is found that their absence or insufficiency in the body leads to serious disorders or diseases called “avitaminosis”. The question is being discussed at Dschang University.

Health professionals, practitioners and students speak of vitamin A deficiency. A vitamin whose deficiency is a real public health problem in Cameroon and sub-Saharan Africa. And despite the efforts that have been made over the past two decades, the problem persists. Many studies show that more than 22% of women of childbearing age are vitamin A deficient. Consequently, according to the same studies, 35% of children between the ages of one and five have a lack of vitamin A in their bodies.

In fact, a lack of vitamin A in the human body weakens the body. The weakening of the immune system caused by this deficiency exposes the body to all kinds of diseases. But also several early deaths. If the subject who is deficient in vitamin A does not die, they will be affected by diseases related to vision, including blindness. The symposium, organized by the non-governmental organization Helen Keller, aims to sound the alarm about diseases and deaths caused by vitamin A deficiency. Doctors and nutritionists point out that vitamin A is found in foods of animal origin. The examples of liver and butter are mentioned regularly. Regular consumption of fruit and vegetables (carrot, tomato and melon) in the diet is also recommended.

The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that war situations, floods or drought are the causes of poor nutrition and vitamin deficiencies in some countries. To put an end to malnutrition and instances of vitamin deficiency, specialists advise forming a critical mass of experts and practitioners who are likely to be involved in decision-making to improve community nutrition policy. In reality, at least 50 million people are at risk of malnutrition and vitamin A deficiency.

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