Discover Newcastle and what’s new in Season 13

Season 13 is coming to Apex Legends. No question of superstition at Respawn, which wants to provide us with quite a lot of new content for its hit battle royale.

[Mis à jour le 27 avril 2022 à 11h45] Respawn Entertainment continues its great momentum with the arrival of Apex Legends Season 13. Presented in a stunning trailer, this new season brings us many changes in Battle Royale for 13 million players. But not only that, we will also find a brand new legend, Newcastle, the second legend focused on protecting his allies. It features brand new gameplay that offers new ways to enjoy Battle Royale. Discover all the new features of Season 13, the Storm Zone map changes and the new Newcastle Legend in detail a little further down in this article.

Apex Legends Season 13, admirably aptly named Rescue, begins May 10th, preceded by several story and gameplay trailers so we can gauge the extent of what’s new. In particular, we continue to find the introduction of the new Newcastle legend next 28.04not.

new legend

We told you in the introduction that a new legend is about to enter the Apex games, it’s Newcastle who is none other than Jackson, the lost and then found brother of Bangalore. Newcastle is a legend who specializes in supporting his team, with defensive skills we could see some elements of in the trailer above. He has a shield that allows him to protect part of his hitbox, provides the ability to move while protecting injured allies, and can set up a huge defensive wall, likely his ultimate.

New card

Storm Zone will be profoundly transformed with the arrival of the Rescue Season in Apex Legends. The tropical map returns to the forefront with new facilities and bunkers full of loot and likely enemies, but also disfigured by various gigantic creatures that have since been crushed by unknown forces. We imagine that the beaches of the map will therefore be made more attractive by the presence of these gigantic carcasses, which undoubtedly need to be explored in depth. Also note that Respawn has said it wants to review the ranked play system to “reward teamwork”. A system that was already modified in Season 11 and that will probably be changed in depth.

It was requested when the game was released in 2019, crossplay was finally implemented in Apex Legends in October 2020 and has been active on all platforms by default ever since. It doesn’t affect your solo games, but rather defines the type of players you encounter when playing in squads with your friends. If you’re all playing on the same platform, most of the time the players in front of you should be using the same console. If you’re on different consoles, your lobbies will be populated by a mix of players from different platforms. Console players can optionally disable crossplay in game options.

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