Danger! | Canadian Mattea Roach achieves 15th victory

Toronto’s Mattea Roach kept up her winning streak Monday night Danger!which brought him one step closer to a place among the top contestants in the history of American trivia.

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Lyndsay Armstrong and Adina Bresge
The Canadian Press

The 23-year-old, who was born in Halifax, signed a 15and Consecutive win, Monday, which is good for eighth place in the history of the game.

She needs to win four more games to join David Madden and Jason Zuffranieri in seventh place, each with 19 wins.

Mattea Roach has during her time on the show, the 10thand largest sum ever awarded to a regular-season contestant.

She also secured a spot on the Tournament of Champions, which will air next fall.

Her cousin, Carol Baan, believes that Ms.me Roach has become a Canadian favorite and makes her family proud in Nova Scotia.

“Already at 14and gone, she seemed so impressed like a kid walking into a candy store for the first time and can’t believe it,” said Ms.me Baan in a phone interview from Ingonish, Cape Breton ahead of Monday night’s episode.

“People who connect with her… It’s so nice to see someone so sincere, so comfortable, and just so happy to be successful.” »

Mattea Roach’s journey has cemented her bonds with distant family members, according to her cousin, as everyone has gathered to give her encouragement.

“Everyone wants to know if they have any family ties to her,” said Ms.me Bah. It allowed the whole family to have more interactions on social media and on the phone. »

Carol Baan also found a trick to spotting her cousin’s successes first: she listens to the Newfoundland show, which airs 30 minutes before Nova Scotia. But she has to be careful not to reveal what she sees before everyone has seen the episode.

“I have to keep it to myself,” she said.

According to Perry MacKinnon, Mattea Roach’s uncle, the whole family was swept up in a crushing wave. The young woman’s grandparents never miss an episode, he said.

“But instead of hearing the show once every night, they hear it twice on two different channels,” MacKinnon said.

Some nights Mr MacKinnon and his wife visit his parents at their home in Ingonish to see the show.

“They usually pass the time in the evenings watching Danger! and wheel of fortune, but now it is much more important to them. You are stuck in front of your screen. »

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