Amber Heard suffers from mental disorders, an expert assures in court

A psychologist hired by Johnny Depp’s lawyers as part of the defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife said Tuesday that Amber Heard suffers from personality disorders.

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Leading the way, clinical and forensic psychologist Shannon Curry presented this diagnosis, which she made after examining the 36-year-old actress for a 12-hour period in December 2021.

She pointed out that people with the disorders observed in Amber Heard “can react violently,” adding that they “often exhibit abusive behaviors toward their partners.”

The actress’ lawyers tried to discredit this statement, arguing that the psychologist had been hired by the other party.

“I report scientific facts regardless of what they tell us,” Shannon Curry told them.

The clinician reported that in a test she performed during her analysis, Mme Heard had “grossly exaggerated” the symptoms of post-traumatic stress she may have suffered as a result of the alleged domestic abuse.

During his testimony in court last week, Johnny Depp denied that Heard or any other woman in his lifetime.

The star of the series Pirates of the Caribbean has hinted several times that, on the contrary, Amber Heard was the one who hit the punches in her couple.

Married from 2016 to 2018, during this process the former spouses accuse each other of defamation, much followed and partly broadcast on American news channels.

In a 2018 column in the washington post, Amber Heard didn’t name Johnny Depp, but she spoke about the domestic violence charges she brought against her husband in 2016.

Last week, the actor assured that he had “lost everything” because of these allegations of violence.

He is seeking $50 million in damages, against whom his ex-wife also filed a $100 million lawsuit, alleging that Johnny Depp subjected him to “continuous physical violence and abuse.”

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