Montreal | The Brotherhood of Police Officers is calling for a new head of the SPVM

The Montreal Police Officers’ Fraternity (FPM) believes the next police chief should come from the ranks of the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) and warns he will face significant challenges over the course of his mandate .

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Isabella Duca

Isabella Duca
The press

“The fraternity thinks it is appropriate to rely on a candidate who knows the SPVM from the inside. This time, the service has enough people willing and competent to find the next director or director, and given the scale of the challenges, that person will not have an easy part,” writes the Brotherhood’s president, Yves Francœur, in a letter to its members on Monday, thereof The press got a copy.

Mr. Francoeur continues to hope that the future leader will show “remarkable good faith”.

Former police chief Sylvain Caron retired on April 11. It is Sophie Roy who replaces him on an interim basis. The City of Montreal will shortly begin its selection process, which will be the subject of a public consultation.


Sophie Roy

The president of the police union also outlined in his letter three problems that need to be addressed quickly: underfunding, understaffing and disentanglement.

Police “tired of hearing elected officials express concern at the smallest 10-second contextual clip played in the media”, which alludes to the morale of the troops and perpetuates prejudice against them, deplores Yves Francœur.

Press for bulletproof jackets

He also denounced the underfunding and understaffing within the police department, which he says leads to mandatory overtime that subsequently causes work stoppages and mental health problems.

“Recently, the Brotherhood has had to push for bulletproof vests that meet modern standards and suit the female physiognomy,” he reveals. We’re not talking whims here, we’re talking about a basic endowment that your life can depend on, and yet we had to intervene to grant resources. »

More speakers

Mr Francoeur pointed out that police officers are increasingly having to intervene in disturbances caused by people with mental health problems, which then become public safety issues.

“The pandemic has amplified the phenomenon and the police will take any help they are given. We also want more from the speakers,” writes the President of the Brotherhood.

However, he warns that the police should not be debased to fund community organizations.

“Yes, we need to fund the municipality better, no, the municipality can never replace the police,” he states.

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