Minister Bonnardel clarifies who is entitled to $500 worth of plane tickets

To boost tourism, we want as many people as possible to have access to the program.confirmed the press spokeswoman for Minister Bonnardel, Claudia Loupret, on Monday late afternoon.

It is expected that mainly Quebecers will benefit, although it will be open to all. »

A quote from Claudia Loupret, spokeswoman for the Quebec Minister of Transport

Earlier in the day, Radio-Canada issued a report in which airlines bemoaned the lack of information from the government, sparking a week-long tsunami of calls from citizens.

During the unveiling of his program, Minister François Bonnardel made startling remarks about the people who could benefit from $500 airline tickets.

In particular, he had pointed out that foreign tourists were entitled to it. The statement had startled the truckers, who said they had never heard of such a possibility in their meetings with the Department of Transportation (MTQ).

Then, in an interview with Paul Arcand 24 hours later, Mr. Bonnardel hinted that the program would exclude residents of other Canadian provinces, because they are not Quebecers in good and proper shape.

Radio-Canada had tried to find out what the MTQ thought was the difference between a Canadian tourist and a foreign tourist, but to no avail.

So, after a few days of uncertainty, the government is confirming that everyone will have access to the $500 preferential rate, including business travelers.

Since the terms and conditions already set a limit on discounted tickets per person, people are not told what to do with the tickets they buy. »

A quote from Claudia Loupret, spokeswoman for the Quebec Minister of Transport

However, companies will not be able to buy tickets at this pricehowever, Ms Loupret nuanced and repeated what the minister had already announced.

How to avoid abuse?

While the government hopes that Quebecers will be the primary beneficiaries of the $500 tickets, there are questions of feasibility.

Since the tickets will be in limited quantity and that they will be available, the principle will be that First come first servehow to make sure they are not massively bought by Americans, French or Chinese?

The minister’s press attaché had no answer to this question late Monday afternoon and mentioned it the conditions [du programme] will be known soon.

Other questions also remain unanswered, most notably how the MTQ or the airlines will act to enforce the maximum number of $500 tickets that an individual is entitled to purchase.

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