Mika lights the Bell Center

Singer Mika renewed his love for Quebec on Monday night when he visited the Bell Center on his tour For the spring sacrifice.

He didn’t go through all four paths to start the celebrations: an interpretation of his mega-hit lollipop delighted the audience.

The evening was eagerly awaited by the thousands of people in the amphitheater. Sick, the artist with triple British, American and Lebanese nationality, had been forced to postpone the April 9 concert. However, he had offered Quebecers an appetizer by participating in the final Star AcademySunday.

A seasoned veteran of the scene, Mika gave his fans exactly what they expected when they broke the bank: a series of catchy tunes presented with eccentricity and theatrics.

Take It Easy, Grace Kelly, she tells me : The 38-year-old singer has not left out any of his classics, including the essentials boom boom boomin a duet with Ariane Moffatt.

However, we can surmise that spectators in the humbler seats were disappointed to learn that the giant screens in the hall weren’t working. Most of those present could hardly make out Mika’s features unless they had exceptional eyesight.

“A Bell Center without a screen is difficult for the people behind it. We’re going to do something,” he said before crossing the floor during his interpretation big girl.

Luckily, his uncontrollable energy and charisma transcend blindness. Dressed in a pink suit, accompanied by a subtle play of lights and musicians in the background, Mika attracted everyone’s attention with his stage performance and mastered this challenge with flying colors.

Klô Pelgag sets the table

Mika didn’t choose just any artist to heat up the tables at the Bell Center: Quebec singer-songwriter Klô Pelgag.

Through their wide range of voices and their colorful universe, we can understand obvious similarities between the two protagonists of the evening.

This time, the eccentric singer opted for a sober decor, accompanied by musicians all wearing white lab coats, expressing herself through her soaring melodies and her rocking flights of fancy.

Mika’s tour For the spring sacrifice will stop in Quebec on April 27th and Saguenay on April 28th.

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