Metropolis Attack Trial | Another report of the attack would have remained classified

Has the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) issued a second secret report on the Metropolis attack? The attorney for the survivors of the attack threw that rock in the pond on Monday, during which SQ called for more time to “refresh” the police to enlighten the judge about the mysterious threats against Pauline Marois.

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Louis Samuel Perron

Louis Samuel Perron
The press

“We have learned from informal discussions over the last few days that there was a report that was commissioned before the Executive Report. This is information that is reported to us. I have no further information,” said Mr.and Virginie Dufresne-Lemire Monday afternoon at the Montreal courthouse.

This is the first time the existence of a possible second SQ report has been raised with many twists and turns since the beginning of this process. “It would make sense because the report [exécutif] was requested four months after the events,” argued the plaintiffs’ attorney. They are demanding at least $600,000 from the police. Lawyers for SQ did not comment on the allegation before the judge.

Hidden from the public for ten years, the contents of the Executive report were released to the public following a decision by Judge Philippe Bélanger. The SQ campaigned to ensure that this report, which was very uncritical of the police, was not taken as evidence.

During the trial, SQ initially denied the existence of the Executive report. A former SQ officer also admitted that the conclusions of this report were dictated to him by staff.

The Mystery of the Six Menaces

The trial took an unexpected turn last week when Judge Bélanger exceptionally ordered the SQ to shed light on the six threats made against Pauline Marois on Election Day 2012, surprising the judge. Even the author of the “Executive” report did not remember.

Judge Bélanger therefore requires answers to these three questions: “What are the six threats? », « By whom were they examined? and “Who were they transmitted to?” »

A document that would allow the judge’s questions to be fully answered was “unfortunately not located” by the SQ, Mr.and Julien Bernard. However, the attorney for the Quebec Attorney General (PGQ) – representing the SQ – told the judge he “hopes” to be able to answer those questions within “7 to 10 days”.

memories to refresh

“I find it surprising that there is no document listing these threats and describing the steps taken, since we have a report that mentions six threats that were promptly investigated,” the plaintiffs’ attorney said.

I’m not saying there isn’t a document on anything, I’m saying I don’t have a document that answers all of your questions. We want to make sure we have everything and have as complete a picture as possible. I am not saying that there is no document.

Mand Julien Bernard, attorney for the Quebec Attorney General

Since the events happened 10 years ago, it will also be necessary, according to PGQ, to refresh the “memory” of several witnesses, even those who have already testified under oath before the judge.

The case was adjourned to May 9.

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