Instagram Reels will bring a TikTok-like template feature

Instagram users will soon get ready-made templates to create their own reels.

Meta-Instagram’s own photo-sharing app is reportedly testing a new feature that will provide templates for film rolls, allowing creators to create film rolls in a predefined format like other videos. Forms tool functionality is currently only being rolled out to a small number of beta testers. The new feature will be similar to TikTok’s “Templates” feature, which allows users to join their photos or videos in a predefined format. This format was first discovered by marketing manager and social media influencer Josephine Hill. She got early access to the feature and shared some of her impressions in March.

Speaking to Business Insider, she said, “One of the things I was looking for, particularly with Instagram Reels, was something like TikTok audio syncing where the clips perfectly match the beat of the music. She tweeted, “Instagram REELS announced a new feature! Use as template allows users to replace clips with their own and adjusts the timestamps on the template roll. »

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This was confirmed not only by Hill, but also by a spokesman for Meta. He is quoted by TechCrunch as saying, “We’re testing your ability to make a coil from another coil using an existing tool. »

Instagram Reels launched in 2020 after TikTok videos swept the internet. The concept of Reels itself is inspired by TikTok, so it offers many similar features like Remix, the ability to reply to comments with Reels, and more.

Once the template feature is rolled out, users can copy used formats to other reels and create their own, similar to TikTok’s pre-made templates, which allow users to insert their own content into the pre-made format. Certain beta testers with access to this feature can click Use Template when creating a reel and then copy a specific reel.

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