Financial results: Xbox continues to grow with consoles and Game Pass | Xbox One

Microsoft just released its latest financial results, which are for the third quarter of fiscal 2022. As usual with Xboxygen, we’re looking at the Xbox division numbers in particular, but not only.

Xbox continues to grow at Microsoft

Microsoft’s gaming division is part of the More Personal Computing division, which also includes its Windows business, Surface devices, and advertising revenue. In this industry, Xbox numbers have been released and the brand continues to grow.

  • Hardware sales are up 14% year over year. Microsoft says these are being driven by continued strong demand for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Microsoft states that this growth is higher than forecast. We continue to monitor the status of Xbox Series X inventories and will provide regular notifications on Discord and our other channels.
  • Xbox content and services revenue is up 4%. Microsoft clarifies that they compare to a very strong prior year and are due to growth in Xbox Game Pass and games first party while sales of third-party games have tended to decline. Call of Duty Vanguard’s poor sales numbers must start at this last point.
  • Overall, revenue generated from gaming is up 6%.

Overall, Microsoft’s revenue for this last quarter reached $49.4 billion, a significant +18% year-over-year increase. Better still, operating income hit $20.4 billion, up +19%.

At Microsoft all signals are green with growth in every division. For example, we can cite Linkedin, which saw sales up 34%, or its cloud arm, which posted $19.1 billion in sales, up 26%. The latter is the one that is weighted the most in the company’s results today. Here are the details of the three major divisions:

  • productivity and business processes generated 15.8 billion (+17%). This is the branch that contains LinkedIn or Office services.
  • Intelligent Cloud 19.1 billion (+26%) was generated
  • More personal computing generated 14.5 billion and (+11%). This is the branch that includes Xbox, Surface, Windows, and Ads.

“In the future, digital technology will be the key element driving global economic output,” said Satya Nadella, Microsoft President and CEO.

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