Carey Price at the doctor

MONTREAL | A dark cloud still hangs over Carey Price’s head. A threatening cloud that stays above knee height.

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Price accompanied his teammates for the trip to New York, but he didn’t stow the leg warmers and mask in the plane’s luggage compartment. He made his way to Manhattan to meet the surgeon who operated on his knee on July 23.

Once again, the star goalkeeper’s health has raised concerns around Canada. But we walked on eggshells.

Martin St-Louis played with great caution during a press conference where most of the questions revolved around the number 31’s famous knee.

St-Louis refused to say he was worried about his player.

“Hard to say,” he replied when asked about his concern. He will continue to be judged. It’s hard to tell until we have the information. »

No relapse

Price had worked hard to get back into the game this season. On April 15, he achieved his goal by getting his first start since the Stanley Cup Finals against the Lightning when he faced the New York Islanders. Over the course of nine days, he put his body to the test by finding himself in front of the net four times.

He didn’t win a game and posted a staggering 4.04 GAA and .853 save ratio. Aside from numbers that aren’t representative of his talent, but also a sample that’s too small, Price hasn’t managed to dispel doubts about his health.

“I don’t know if I can call it a relapse,” he continued. He’s going to New York to be examined. I don’t know if it’s a relapse but I’m happy to see he was able to play. Let’s see what the next few days bring. »

“Yeah, it hurts to see that,” he continued. He worked hard to come back. But maybe everything is right. We do not know. »

In this miserable season, Price’s return was rare good news. But the good news quickly faded. This is another blow for the CH.

“Is it demoralizing? Yes. I thought it would be a big plus for him to come back to the game after fighting for it. We knew he wasn’t going to have a smooth ride with Price set to start. It was one of the possibilities. This is where we land and for that reason we will examine his case. »

Photo agency QMI, Joël Lemay

Nothing about the future

St-Louis quickly hijacked the subject of Price’s future.

“It’s more of a question for Kent (Hughes) or Gorts (Jeff Gorton),” he replied when a colleague asked if the organization was starting to make plans for a successor. »

If St-Louis has stayed away from alarmist discourse, Josh Anderson has opened up his game a bit more.

“Yes, there are (concerns),” Anderson conceded. We’re talking about Carey Price. He’s been here forever. He’s one of the best in the NHL. If you hear this message, there are concerns. We’ll see what will happen. »

Price’s visit to his doctor could also fit into a simple routine.

“I think it’s mostly an update,” Anderson said. Every time you come back from an operation, there are meetings with the doctors. I was already there. »

In his final season with the Columbus Blue Jackets, Anderson only played 26 games due to a left shoulder injury. He underwent surgery in March 2020. When he returned to action in the Swiss jersey at the start of the following season, the tall winger stayed in touch with his surgeon.

“I spent a lot of time on the phone with my doctor,” he said. He was very good to me. I’ve never had an injury like this. I informed him about the condition of my shoulder almost every week. »

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